Easter Gifting – It’s Not Just About Chocolate!

Afternoon tea at the Taj

So, it’s almost Easter, and I don’t know about you, but I love it!  The weather is starting to get warmer, there are jolly yellow daffodils everywhere and a deluge of chocolate comes into the house.  What’s not to love?  If, in the unlikely event you have enough chocolate (is there such a thing?) then what other presents can you give at Easter?  I have a list of suggestions for you!

Easter daffodils

Personalised things always go down well, especially with the grandparents.  In the past we have given personalised items with pictures of the children on like fridge magnets, canvas prints from Bonusprint and photo books.   My mum has several ‘Best Nanna’ mugs with the faces of my children on them too!

A thoughtful idea, especially this year, is to give someone an experience.  I am thinking something like vouchers for the theatre, tickets for an event in the future or passes for a theme park.  I have developed a fear of heights in recent years but would love to receive tickets for something glamorous like ‘The View from the Shard’, or, maybe less scary, ‘Afternoon Tea at the Ritz’!

Another good idea for Easter gifts are flowers or pots of colourful plants.  Tulips are just about to bloom at Easter and a pot of tulips makes a wonderful and uplifting gift.  If you are organised in the Autumn, buy some pretty pots, a bag of compost and a couple of bags of tulip bulbs in contrasting colours.  Plant the bulbs and overwinter somewhere not too exposed (make sure you water the pots if they are not getting regular rain) then the following Easter you will have lovely personalised (and inexpensive gifts) to give away, that are just ‘blooming lovely’!

So there we have some fab ideas for presents at Easter that are not just chocolate eggs (though I would be gutted if I didn’t receive a few of those too!).  Enjoy whatever presents you give or receive and enjoy any Easter egg hunts you do (my two LOVE Easter eggs hunts).  Have a lovely Easter!



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