4 Best Korean BBQ and Korean Restaurants Leeds

Korean BBQ and Korean Restaurants Leeds – Korean food is mostly made up of rice, noodles, vegetables, and meats. Korean is different from many other cuisines due to the side dishes that are served during meals. The number of side dishes provided can range  from 2 to 12, but everyday meals will feature at least a couple. These side dishes are known as ‘banchen’. When you eat at a Korean restaurant, your ‘banchen’ will be served to you before your main meal in small bowls and can be anything from vegetables to meat to seafood prepared in many different ways. 


Choessi Ajeossi Korean Restaurant

6A Great George St, Leeds LS1 3DW

At Choessi Ajeossi Korean Restaurant they are very proud of the delicious and authentic Korean fayre that they serve.” Our menus are specially curated to offer a unique experience and taste of South Korean cuisine. We use combination of local and imported ingredients to provide the most authentic flavours and textures for your tastebuds. Our chefs are well-trained and committed to serve the most divine South Korean food you’ll have in Leeds….”

Just a few of the delightful dishes on offer are shown below.

Honey Fried Chicken

~Honey & Mustard Crispy Fried Chicken 蜂蜜芥末脆皮炸鸡~

Haemul Pajeon 해물파전 海鲜煎饼

~Korean Style Seafood Pancake~

~Korean Traditional Rice Roll with Yellow Preserved Radish, Cucumber, Fried Egg, Carrot, Crabsticks, Ham~


~Vegetarian. Chinese Style Grilled Naengmyeon in Sweet & Chilli Garlic Sauce, Contains Onions and Egg~


Jokbal 족발 猪脚

~Braised Pig’s Trotters Served with Lettuce~

korean restaurant leeds
Choessi Ajeossi Korean Restaurant

Bulgogi Grill – Korean Table BBQ

The Arena Quarter, 9 Merrion Way, Leeds LS2 8BT

Bulgogi Grill offers an exciting and authentic Korean Table BBQ experience, right in the heart of Leeds!  “Our excellent quality, locally sourced meats and seafood are cooked on your table-top grill after being marinated in traditional and specially selected Korean seasonings and sauces. Along with Korean and Asian influenced side dishes, beers, and cocktails, Bulgogi Grill creates a unique and exciting culinary experience.”

At the Bulgogi Grill you choose form one of the mouth watering, generous set menu options. Some of the items included are below.


~Vegetable Mandu Dumplings~

~Kimbap – Korean Sushi~

Seogogi Bulgogi

~Bulgogi beef in signature marinade~


~marinated prawn~


~squid brushed with Korean soy sauce~

Korean Table BBQ Leeds
Bulgogi Grill – Korean Table BBQ


331 Roundhay Road, Leeds, LS8 4HT

Yokohama is a contemporary Korean and Japanese Restaurant conveniently located  in the centre of Leeds, serving both authentic Korean and Japanese food.  “Our food is all freshly prepared in-house to order, using the best quality ingredients from local suppliers. With over 100 dishes to choose from, including sushi, sushi rolls, sashimi, grilled food, tempura and last but not least rice and noodles.”

Spicy Seafood Ramen

~spicy ramen noodle soup with seafood and vegetables~

Seabass Teriaki

~grilled seabass fillet with teriaki~

Yaki Gyoza

~deep fried dumplings with chicken and vegetables~

Dolsot Bibimbab

~mixed vegetables with beef in a stone bowl~

korean restaurants leeds

Seoul Kitchen

Blackwells Bookshop, 21 Woodhouse Lane, LS29HJ

If you are looking for fresh and authentic Korean food in the heart of Leeds, then check out Seoul Kitchen. A trendy, quirky pop up with excellent reviews for providing delicious dishes.

An example of the cuisine available is as below.

Bul Gogi

~beef marinated in sweet, soy garlic sauce served with rice and salad~

Jeyuk Bokkeum

~paper thin pork shoulder with vegetables, stir fried in a spicy sauce and served with rice and salad~

Dak Galbi

~spicy stir fried chicken and vegetables, served with rice and salad~

korean streetfood leeds
Seoul Kitchen


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