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Giant Singing Pumpkins, Halloween at York Maze

Giant Singing Pumpkins, Halloween at York Maze

I asked Master T what his favourite thing about our Halloween trip to York Maze was and he told me it was carving his pumpkin.

Golden Ticket Pumpkin

He saw the ‘Golden Ticket’ notice that somewhere in York Maze’s pumpkin patch there was a pumpkin that contained a golden ticket, and was very excited. He scoured the pumpkin patch looking for a pumpkin, that in his opinion looked like it contained a golden ticket. We took the chosen one and had its lid cut for us, then dived in to scoop out the seeds. After the initial disappointment (no golden ticket – wah!) We set to carving a scary face.

Cutest Pumpkin

Miss H had a different agenda, she searched (for a loooong time) to find the very smallest pumpkin in the patch. She was less interested in the ‘Golden Ticket’ and more interested in finding the cutest pumpkin available. She then demanded that a cat face be carved into it.

Singing Pumpkins

Do make sure you visit the pumpkin patch as the decoration in there is fabulous. In particular I loved the singing pumpkins, they were fabulous!

There was also the giant pumpkin competition:

as well as giant pumpkin carving:

And who thought this was a good idea – have had enough of scary clowns lately!

Face Painting

A treat for Halloween was the face painting hut. It was £1 for painting a cheek or £2.50 for the whole face. Miss H was already in her bat costume so requested a full face painting of a bat and was delighted with the result. She has lost her two front teeth so has excellent vampire fangs currently!

Ghostmania 2

The Crowmania 2 ride became the Ghostmania 2 ride especially for Halloween. It’s a favourite of mine, with lots of terrible jokes and jolly camaraderie. Don’t miss it.  The entrance to the ride alone is worth visiting:

Fancy Dress Parade

Another special for Halloween was the costume parade. Miss H joined in with all the other children and was interviewed about where she was from ‘don’t know’, and if she was having a nice time ‘silent nod’. The winners (not Miss H) were awarded medals, and all the children loved the attention.

Pumpkin Slingshot

Miss H’s favourite activity was the pumpkin slingshot. A young chap sliced up bits of pumpkins for us and the children placed them into the sling shot before slinging them as far as they will go, aiming for the waiting buckets. Miss H managed to get her bit of her pumpkin into the furthest bucket possible. The hardest one. The one really far away. (Edited to add: She didn’t really, she was hopeless but was supervising as I was writing!)

One more glorious pumpkin patch photo for good measure:

The whole site was superbly decorated with lots of pumpkins and Halloween paraphernalia. Pumpkins lined every path, and ghoulish faces were strung from every rafter and pole.

Prices and Website

Have a look at the York Maze website for all the details.

A family ticket for four is £54 on the gate but just £49 if you book via the website.

Looking for other Halloween Events?  See my round up here.

York Maze kindly invited us to visit to review. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.

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