UK Holiday Ideas That Involve The Whole Family

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While going on a family holiday is often the highlight of our year, finding a trip that will be fun for all the family isn’t as easy as it may look. With adults, children and sometimes grandparents to accommodate for, there are varying degrees of mobility, interest and attention span that need to be catered for, with the hope that everyone has an equally enjoyable time together. A large expenditure, you don’t want to book to go away and still be worried about how much fun you’ll have, as time off is at a premium, and few and far between.

Taking that all in to account, here are a few ideas for affordable, enjoyable and – most importantly – widely appealing trips that should cater for even the fussiest family, no matter how big or small.

Head To The Coast

Whether it’s to the beach or the countryside, the coast offers unparalleled views and serenity, no matter which country you’re in. With plenty to do that will engage all involved, you can spend quality time on picnics, taking long, adventurous walks at your own pace and spending nights in wherever you’re staying battling over a board game or cards. If the weather is warm and you’re near a nice beach with a safe patch of sea, your children will adore getting the chance to get out and swim while you sit and read, or get in a much needed nap.

Get Adventurous At An Activity Centre

Available up and down the country, what’s more engaging than getting out on climbing frames, bike rides and water sports? A brilliant way for the whole family to bond and blow off some much needed steam, there’s plenty of opportunity for down time in the evenings too, meaning that older relatives get to feel involved and engaged too – and you can always get them a mobility scooter from Mobility Solutions to help them adventure outside, too!

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Visit Somewhere Historic

Whether it’s a world heritage site like Stonehenge or somewhere held in time like York with plenty of museums to visit, getting your family involved in culture and learning is a fantastic way to engage relatives of all ages. Opening your children’s eyes to the past is an amazing way of giving them valuable time with the family, sparking their imagination and helping their development, which is an essential aspect of a well-rounded childhood. Enough information and sights to see for the older members of the family too, everybody can take something away and feel both visually and intellectually fulfilled.

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