Top 5 thoughtful gifts for a friend who is a new mum

Becoming a new mum is an exciting ordeal… until the fateful day comes. Then panic and anxiety can set in, as it suddenly dawns on the new parents that they need to take of another life! There’s a lot to do and think about, and in many cases, the pressure can be overwhelming.

After all, mothers themselves can go through especially trying journeys here, so some support will always be necessary.  What about making your own bath bombs? Perhaps a couple of choice gifts could help greatly?

Consequently, here’re the top 5 thoughtful gifts for a friend who is a new mum.


Lots of food!

Whether you’re going to offer a temporary supply of home cooked foods or go down the luxury route with some personalised chocolate gifts to impress, some tasty goodies will always lift spirits. Additionally, food is also energy too, so if you drop in with some pasta and vegetables in a plastic container, you might just be helping them secure a more well-rounded diet for themselves. Who knows, perhaps your pal is overwhelmed with the responsibilities of being a new mum and hasn’t the time to prepare or eat anything that’s truly delicious and/or healthy in a long time?


Baby accessories and essentials

Babies have needs, and lots of them too! Why not show you’ve kept this in mind in your friend’s days of early motherhood? Offer some accessories or essentials for the little one, and your friend might not feel so isolated in her parenting. Try not to interfere without prior permission so you’re not getting under anyone’s feet. Instead, ask before picking up the same brand of nappies and dummies the new mum uses, or if you do like surprises offer a harmless teddy bear or toys instead!  For a more unusual present you could consider gifting a baby activities class like baby yoga so that mum and baby have some lovely relaxed bonding time.


Bath and body giftset

It’s a certainty that the new mum in your life will be aching and feeling low at many points throughout early parenthood. They’ll need to stop, rest and unwind, and this is where you can come in with a bath and body giftset. You could provide an assortment of shower gels, bath salts and more to really help them cool off from their duties. What could be better?


Entertainment subscription

Sticking with the theme of relaxation, your friend will want to break away from motherhood here and there. Of course, they won’t want to spend all their time in the bath either! They may want to watch a show, for example, so why not invest in a Netflix subscription for them? That way, they can watch all the shows and movies they want without worrying about prices or DVD hunting in shops!


A precious photo

Few things are more precious than a mum and baby photo. Take a snap in the early days, get it framed afterwards and present it as a gift. It’s simple and easy, and if you take enough of them you could even create a touching mum and baby portfolio. It’ll be a treasured legacy item rather than ‘just a gift’, and your friend will still be turning those pages when she’s an older mum too and their kids have eventually moved away!



There’s clearly lots of thoughtful gift ideas for the new mum in your life. All of them involve a level of creativity, so be sure to think outside the box and get something that’s moving and poignant. It’ll make motherhood easier and your friendship stronger, so show how much you care in your presents!