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Gift ideas for when your children celebrate a milestone birthday

Gift ideas for when your children celebrate a milestone birthday

Birthdays come and go, but only a few stand out in one’s lifetime. These typically involve the milestone celebrations, such as the occasions when your child turns 18 or 21. Gifts can be highly important for these birthdays, as you are acknowledging your child becoming a fully-grown adult. Therefore, here’re some ideas for presents that can help your children enjoy their milestone birthday.


Fancy restaurant dinner

When your child turns into an adult, it’s time to enjoy more adult settings. Gone are the days of cake and favourite home cooked meals – now it’s time to head out into the world! Gather the whole family and perhaps a few close friends and head out to the fanciest restaurant in town. You could even go formal for the occasion too and throw on your suits and dresses.

It’s lavish, it’s extravagant and its memorable. If your children just reached the legal drinking age, then by all means treat them to a glass of something bubbly to enjoy with their meal. The larger point here is that you’re enjoying one another’s company as adults, and this kind of celebration can show that you’ve come to respect them in that way. Of course, he or she will always be your baby… but still!


Lots of money!

Not everyone can afford the fancy side of a milestone birthday. That’s okay, and it’s totally valid! Still, if you’re still keen to splash out somehow on your child’s big day, perhaps start early if you can and begin budgeting and auditing in advance. Set some money aside every month for them, and perhaps deposit it in a safe and secure bank account of some kind until the big day arrives.

This way, the money will build and gain interest overtime, so when their birthday rolls around you can be certain you’ll have a good sum of money to gift. They could invest the cash into something themselves, such as towards a deposit for a house, or use it to carry them through or part-way through university.


Mature presents

Chances are your child started to show a keener personal interest in their appearance by the time they were teenagers. It’s only natural, as those who’ve started to encroach on adulthood like to look their best; whether it’s for relationships, jobs or simply just to feel comfortable in their own skin. While it can be tempting to poke fun as they experiment with their looks, why not use their birthday to encourage them with your gifts?

At milestone ages, they’re probably a bit too old for you to be buying clothes for them. However, it’s still appropriate to bestow them with smelly stuff! If you know they have a favourite aftershave or perfume, buy it and wrap it! You could even purchase some stylish jewellery from F Hinds if you’re keen to make a big impression at the start of their adulthood. In the end, these presents are more ‘adult’ than things, with no gifted socks in sight!



Try to focus on the adult side of your kid’s milestone birthdays. Distance yourself from birthdays past and their childhood. Instead, treat them as the men and women they’ve grown to be, and make sure your presents reflect that and their future!




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