What are the benefits of allowing your young children around animals?

There’re many benefits to introducing animals to your young kids. After all, pets such as dogs and cats can bring a tremendous amount of joy to their owner’s lives. The same goes for kids too, as they learn how to interact with other beings in new and exciting ways. Only positive outcomes can develop from here!  Get yourselves outside and enjoy seeing animals on a countryside walk in the UK.

But are there more benefits to allowing your young children around animals? Let’s find out below!


Mental health benefits

Whether it’s bullying and poor grades at school or loneliness in the home, a bond with an animal can go a long way in lifting a child’s spirits. Of course, some animals such as dogs can feel the same way if they’ve got poor owners, or owners that’ve rejected them entirely.

It’s not just the kids that will benefit from having pets around, studies have shown that having a pet can seriously lift your mood, stop the mental chatter and help you relax.

Dogs are being recognised more and more as significant helpers with mental health problems. After all, it was recently proposed that every school needs a dog as a stress buster, with the pitch gaining so much traction it soon reached mainstream news websites. They certainly cheer people up, and sometimes that uplifting feeling is essential to a child’s overall wellbeing. Introducing one to your home could have enormous benefits here.


Valuable lessons

Sooner or later, your kids need to broaden their world view and start replacing their understandably childish instincts with more mature sensibilities as they grow. It’s a process that rightly takes years to fulfil, but you can kickstart that journey early by introducing animals into their lives.

Looking after their own pets will teach your child things like responsibility, respect for other life and safeguarding others. It could also keep them physically active with any regular walks and help them build a routine around caring for them. They’ll further understand that they’re sharing the world with other beings, which might help them become more well-rounded adults in the future. 


Common ground

Animals are a great conversation topic. Most people simply adore them, and if your kid can venture out into school and have something to talk about here, that’s forever brilliant. Perhaps they struggle with shyness, or feel like they have nothing in common with their classmates? Well, having a pet or two might just help to break that mode of thought!

Not only are animals a good conversation topic for your kids with their peers, but also with you and the family too! You can share unique experiences together. For example, you can supervise your child’s time with a pony by riding, feeding and brushing it as a unit, bonding together through those magical moments. In the end, you could simply put on some women’s jodhpurs when tending to ponies, for example, and you’re good to make memories. 



Animals bring a lot into people’s lives, and help children develop at a steady and healthy rate. Kids can learn how to take responsibility and look after others, and it may teach them how to better relate to other people who’re animal lovers too. Ultimately, interacting with animals comes with many benefits that are too good to pass up!