Tips To Make Your Home Cosy This Winter

Winter is a bit of a controversial time of year for many. On the one hand you can experience beautiful snow, cosy evenings in with a hot chocolate and all the joy that comes with the festive period. On the other, you have bitingly cold walks, frozen car windscreens in the morning and the inevitable cold and flu season. One of the best ways to make the most of this time of year and ensure you’re comfortable is to make your home into a cosy haven for you and your family to enjoy. From practical solutions such as installing UPVC Energy efficient windows to switching up your accessories there’s so much you can do. Keep on reading for some top tips on how you can do this in no time at all.


Think about the accessories 


The first thing you need to do when making your home cosy is to think about the accessories you have. Add in plenty of soft fabrics and furnishings such as blankets, cushions, rugs and throws made from fleece, knit or faux fur. You can also change up your lighting, opting for bulbs with warm light instead of bright, harsh lights, as well as stringing fairy lights around the ceiling, using lamps instead of ceiling lights and lighting candles or adding reed diffusers to your space.


Ensure it’s nice and warm 


A place can look cosy but if it’s not actually warm then it’s just not going to tick the boxes. There are many ways to make it nice and warm, we suggest getting your windows and doors fixed to remove any draughts. This will also keep your heating costs down! You could look to invest in a log burner or if you have a fireplace, get an electric fire that lets off heat without the smoke if you want something a bit less high maintenance. An electric blanket is another great thing to buy if you want to be extra cosy!


Consider your seating area 


The way your living room is set out can play a big part in how cosy it feels. Consider the way your sofas and chairs are arranged and make it so everyone can talk to each other easily, encouraging conversation and relaxation. Use warm and neutral colours that are inviting and not too harsh on the eyes. This could be done with your furniture itself or by accessories such as your cushions and throws. You can also play soft music in the background to create an ambience.


These are just a few things you can do to make your home cosy this winter. Whether you want to make it totally festive themed or just ensure it keeps you away from the cold and rain, there are so many things you can do to transform your living space without too much time or expenditure. What are some things you like to do to make your home cosy this winter? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you.


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