Explore The Realms Of Creativity Using CapCut Online Photo & Video Editor

Everyone is creative in their own way. Some are creative in music editing, some are creative in artistry, some are creative in the technical industry, and some are creative in the graphics designing industry. In today’s age, the concept of graphic design is rising. There are hundreds of online photo & video editors in each region. They all want to show their creativity in different graphical products. But they don’t have a reliable editor tool through which they can show their creativity. Are you also facing the same problem? Are you in need of some highly featured and free tools available on the net? Do you want to show your passion for photo & video editing? Then, there is the right tool available for you on the net, which is the CapCut online photo editor and video editor.


CapCut online photo & video editor is the first tool that has all the necessary elements and features. It is offering every feature to you for free. Yes, you heard it right. You will find all those exclusive features highly premium on other platforms, whereas CapCut online video editor is offering them to you without any cost.

Valuable Features of CapCut Online Photo & Video Editor:

Some of the most valuable features of CapCut online photo & video editor are as follows:

Smart Portrait Maker:

An AI portrait generator can be found in the very helpful CapCut online photo & video editor. A portrait is a crucial component of a high-quality photo, but since many devices lack this feature, users use editor tools to create a portrait. CapCut provides a free portrait generator. AI algorithms’ of CapCut online photo & video editor can modify the portrait based on the image, and your photo will quickly become a portrait. There is nothing in this feature that needs editing because it is entirely based on AI algorithms. The image will automatically resize. To use this feature, simply upload the picture whose portrait you wish to create and choose it. In just one minute, your product will be prepared.

Add Text-to-Design:

The Text-to-Design feature is yet another useful tool that CapCut online photo and video editor provides. This feature allows you to enter text according to the specifications. After that, all of the arrangement work, including adding fashionable fonts, animated text effects, and graphic elements, will be handled by CapCut’s text-to-design feature. The text-to-design feature will have all the work completed quickly.

Coloring the Photos:

A picture colorizer is yet another useful tool that CapCut Online Photo & Video Editor provides. With this feature, you can add any color to any picture. With CapCut’s feature, you can even convert your monochrome images into color images. With the help of the AI smart feature called “photo colorizer,” you can instantly add color to your photos. Simply choose the picture you wish to color-correct and make use of this feature. CapCut’s photo colorizer will quickly transform that old black-and-white photo into a vivid, realistic picture.

Resize your Photo:

A photo resizer is yet another feature that the CapCut online photo and video editor provides. With CapCut’s feature, you can resize your photo to the desired size. This way you can sharpen image. You may be concerned that using this feature will result in your photos and videos being of lower quality. However, your image or video will keep its original quality, and this feature will carry out its intended function without causing any harm.

How to use CapCut Online Photos & Video Editor?

Following are the ways to use the CapCut online photos & video editor:

  • Find the CapCut: 

Finding the CapCut online photo and video editor is the first step toward using it. You can search for it using your favorite browser. Once the chosen browser has searched for it, tap the top link that appears.

  • Using the CapCut: 

The CapCut homepage interface will open after you tap the first link.

The Sign-up button will be located on the left side or in the upper right corner of the homepage, as shown below:

  • Registering for the CapCut:

Press the Sign-Up button that appears on the screen. Numerous accounts, including Gmail accounts, phone numbers, and many more, can be used to sign up. Since logging in with Gmail takes less time, you can use your Gmail account.

  • Choose a Category:

You will see this page following your registration with the CapCut editor.

The Create New Image or Create New Video button will be in front of you at this point. Select Create New Image if you wish to edit your image. Click on Create New Video if you want to edit your video.


Beneath those buttons, you can also see an enormous selection of picture and video templates. Additionally, you can modify your design using any particular template to suit your needs.

  • Get Editing Started:

You will now be taken to a page with various features and templates after selecting the appropriate category. Just as online image editors have their features and templates, so do online video editors.


Before you begin editing, choose the aspect ratio or size for your picture or video.

  • Securing your Editing: 

After you’ve finished dome editing and believe your finished product is ready, tap the blue “Export” button present on the top right corner of that page. Your product will be secured when you tap on it.