Cozy Family Room Design Ideas You’ll Love

You can make any size of the living room look great. It does not matter the style, form, shape and colors painted on the walls; you can still customize the living room to meet your preferences. The ideal design idea should help you optimize the available space to make it look comfy while enabling you to make the best use of the available space. Here are a few cozier design ideas that you will absolutely love.


Layering Styles and Textures


While most people cozy up rooms with color, you can achieve the same effect with textures and styles. You may pick a neutral color theme, such as gray and mix soft and thick textures in a variety of items. For example, you may have your upholstery in soft neutral colors, your walls painted in cream paint and your furniture pieces in rustic wood. You may also add a few antique accents to give the room a magical feel.


You can also improve your gray tone with a darker one, such as brown or black, for the solid wood. The floor can also have an earthy brown color or a printed neutral carpet.  If you know where you look, you can actually find some pretty cheap carpets so that you don’t have to pay out of your nose for them.  You can then touch up with soft neutral-coloured curtains with a soft cream underbelly. A mix of colors makes a nice color gradient that lights up your room.



Playing with Geometry and Sizes


Geometry and varying sizes can also improve the visual design of the room. If you have a small room where you may not be able to add additional features, you can improve the look of the room by arranging different pieces and embellishing the available building materials for your home. For example, you can use the fireplace to place a complementary piece like a sculpture.


You can invest in a geometric shaped coffee table, polygon stools by the sides of the seat, or round centerpieces scattered around the room. These pieces can be of the same or different colors depending on the theme of the room.


Stick to a Single Color


You may consider having the same color theme but varying the tone of the color to create a gradient. For example, if you love blue, you can have dark blue accents on the wall and fireplace but make the rest of the wall lighter or turquoise,


Besides, you can then have the upholstery in aqua or a darker tone, as well as furniture in varying tones of blue. Just be careful not to mix so many tones that you lose the feel of the style you’re trying to convey. The monochrome approach gives the room some character without requiring you to add several centerpieces or fancy lights to build your design.


Improve the Texture with Throws


By adding some texture, you can improve the look and feel of your room. You can do this with ease by adding textured throws across the room. Here is an example: if the room has a cream or gray theme, you can add a velvety pillow or a thick blanket on the side. You may also add centerpieces such as a brown ladder, paint your cabinet gold-brown and a few pieces around the table and cabinets, such as sculptures, rustic furniture, and flowers in your desired accent.


Add a Home Bar or a Bookshelf


If you have some space and a budget for it, add a home bar where you can serve your family and friends some drinks. It is not only functional, but also a great design feature in the room. Alternatively, you may place a bookshelf in one corner of the room and fill it with books. You can add a table and a few chairs in the corner where you can read the books. It is also a functional yet aesthetically pleasing addition.


Go Rustic


Rustic centerpieces add a natural feel to your home. You can give your rooms a rugged feel by adding some natural pieces such as rocks, thick textured items, and rustic wood to the living room. If you do not have rough surfaces in the room, you may buy building materials such as roughly cut stone for areas such as the fireplace or change furniture to a natural rustic one. You can also add earthy colors like browns and dark tans in the form of throws and furniture.


Feel free to remake your room in any way you wish. Consider the available space and pieces and find out the best way to improve the room. It only takes a few changes to the color or set up of the room to change the feel. However, to create a better look, consider subtle increments and changing the colors of the room.


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