Stuck In The Seat – How To Organize a Perfect Road Trip For Your Kids?

For parents, going on a road trip with the family is such a great thing. It not only means that you’re bonding with people you love, but you’re also making some memorable moments. But for kids, spending hours stuck in the car on the unfamiliar road doesn’t sound like a lot of fun.

This is especially true if they sit all day without doing anything at all.

Typically, one of the best ways to give your kids a perfect road-tripping experience is to use the right vehicle. There are many types of vehicles to choose from, depending on the nature of your road trip. For example, if you’re planning a long road trip with your kids, you may consider using a campervan to get the most out of your outdoor travel.

In most cases, traveling in campervans can be enjoyable for your children because of the convenience they offer. These vehicles have comfortable sleeping arrangements that your kids can use as you navigate the road. If you want to rest for the night, you can park at a truck stop or a campground for recreational vehicles.

Also, if your kids love nature, road-tripping with the said vehicle can be a great way to be one with nature. You can drive off to some beautiful scenic locations and outdoor spaces while ensuring your children’s comfort and safety. Thus, using a campervan can help make your road trip exciting for your kids due to its comfort, convenience, flexibility, and safety.

But aside from choosing the right vehicle to use, there are other effective methods to make your family’s road-tripping experience fun. For example, if you want to organize a kid’s friendly travel and to avoid any backseat squabbling – entertainment is the other key.

So further, we’ll be sharing a few other tips on how to organize the perfect road trip to keep your kids happy!


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  1. Gear up the tech

You might be thinking on unplugging, but that may not be the best course of action when road-tripping with kids. While it may be fun to watch out the windows and play some interesting family-oriented interactive games for a while, it gets boring a little too fast. The kids will start feeling cranky and tired. So, when they’re steeped of all that energy, it’s best to have a contingency plan to keep them entertained. This can be done by packing either your tablet or mp3 player.


Kids these days rest best when they have technology in their hands. So, when the brunt of a day’s worth of travel is bogging them down, watching a movie or playing a game on the tablet can be the perfect way to keep them from becoming too cranky. If you want them to fall asleep, loading their favorite audiobooks in the mp3 player can also be a huge help. However, do remember to keep a powerbank on you at all times to keep the devices fully charged.


  1. Create a family-oriented playlist

Music is an absolute essential when you’re out on a road trip. The constant joy of singing along to familiar tunes with your family can keep everyone happy and energized for a long time. It’s an enjoyable activity that can make the time pass very quickly! But here’s the catch: you cannot just load up on any music while traveling with kids. You need to cherry pick tunes that everyone in the car is going to enjoy. That means ditching your own favorites in favor of classics. You can pick a soundtrack from your kid’s favorite movies, or create a playlist of catchy retro songs that are a nostalgic childhood essential for every child out there. Don’t forget to check up on your car’s sound system before you start up!


  1. Making frequent pitstops


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Being cooped up in the car for too long with the limited amount of activities can make the kids cranky. Therefore, it’s always prudent to make continuous pitstops while you’re on a road trip with them. Getting out once in a while to enjoy a certain scenery, look at the local attractions, or stop at a street side diner to get a taste of the opens is always a good plan. However, if you feel like making such frequent pitstops can bust your budget for the trip, then you can always take a look at groupon discount codes at to keep on top of your expenses and enjoy all local getaways with your family at the same time!


  1. Comfort toys

When music and group activities fail to keep your kids entertained during the road trip, you can simply break out some comfort toys to keep them busy. Now, packing children toys for a road trip is an art form of sorts. You cannot drag in huge soft toys that will take away precious backseat space and make everyone uncomfortable. Instead, go for boxed ones with small pieces. Arm yourselves with boxes of puzzles, coloring books, or even toy advent calendars to boost relaxing activities for your kids during the journey.


  1. Classic car games


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All those classic car games are iconic for a reason. Not only do they efficiently entertain the kids, but they also provide some great opportunities to observes all your surroundings thoroughly. Start with ‘I Spy’ when you hit the highways; the opportunities for finding unique things along the way will be great! When that gets boring, play the ‘Number Plate Game’ where the kids can make a list of all the cars from different states they see along the journey. And when things get too aggressive or noisy, you can simply break out the ‘Quiet Game’ for some coveted peace!


  1. Snack organization
    Everybody packs snacks for the road trip, but only a few are savvy enough to keep things organized ergonomically for the long run. When you’re travelling in a cooped car with small children, the munchies are going to hit hard and frequently. It’s best to stay on top of things by buying pill organizing boxes with a separate lid for each compartment where you can store handfuls of fun snacks for the children. Each compartment only holds a limited amount, so there won’t be any accidents, spillage, or messes to deal with later.

See? Being stuck in the seat can be fun. These are some of the most useful tips to make your road trip an amazing, mess-free experience when you’re traveling with your kids.

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