Sprinkle Stix by John Adams – Review

I recently visited a blogging conference (yes, such things exist) where we got to see some of the top toys for this Christmas.  Now, one of the ones I got to try was the John Adams Chocolate Sprinkle Stix. This post may contain compensated links, please see my disclosure page.

Chocolate Lolly Maker

Miss H loves the chocolate lolly maker from John Adams, so I know she is going to love the Chocolate Sprinkle Stix. (That’s not a typo, it isn’t spelled Sprinkle Sticks by the way!).

Have a look at the prices of the John Adams Chocolate Lolly Maker on Amazon.


John Adams Sprinkle Stix

It’s easy to put together, just don’t forget that it needs batteries and a small cross head screwdriver to get into the battery compartment. (Or you could use the pointy end of the potato peeler like Mr Wonders did!). While I am telling you to remember things, if you are giving the Sprinkle Stix as a gift, perhaps also give a packet of bread sticks and some sprinkles with it as then they are good to go as soon as they want (which will be immediately obviously!).

I even did you a video of the whizzy thing in motion – bear with – videos are not my strong point – but you get the gist!


Chocolate Buttons

So, the process is to fill the beaker with hot water (it’s sort of a hollow beaker) – the water does not come into contact with the chocolate.  Then, push in the stopper and put the lid on.  This is where you add the chocolate.  I’d recommend chocolate buttons as they’ll melt more quickly.

Melted Chocolate

While the chocolate is melting, snap bread sticks in half and push them through the little stick holders.

[singlepic id=1671 w= h= float=center]

Add your Spinkles

Then, you can add whichever jolly coloured sprinkles you would like (let’s face it, if they are like mine, they will be adding everything possible – more is more, right?).

[singlepic id=1675 w= h= float=center]

[singlepic id=1681 w= h= float=center]

Create your Sprinkle Stix

Now, you are ready to create Sprinkle Stix!  First, you take the bread stick and push it into the beaker of chocolate.  The lid has a silicone scraper built in so you get just the right amount of chocolate on your bread stick (hopefully there is less mess this way too!). 

[singlepic id=1672 w= h= float=center]

Then comes the fun bit!  Put the chocolate covered bread stick upside down into the clear glass dome and hit the big yellow button!  The sprinkles whizz round reminiscent of the silver tickets in the Crystal Maze!  

[singlepic id=1674 w= h= float=center]

While they are whizzing, they stick to the chocolate making your very own Sprinkle Stix! Check out the latest prices for John Adams Chocolate Sprinkle Stix on Amazon here.

[singlepic id=1677 w= h= float=center]

John Adams Chocolate Sprinkle Stix. (The link takes you through to the latest prices on Amazon)

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