10 of the best Magical and Fluffy Unicorn Toys

Unicorn toys are hugely in demand in our family!  I have been doing a bit of research for some new unicorn soft toy gift ideas.  It’s not a bad way to spend an afternoon looking at lovely cute pink unicorn toys!  Here are a selection of some of my favourite unicorn toys for girls and boys with links to where to buy them.  This post may contain compensated links, please see my disclosure page.

Big Unicorn Teddy

Another pink unicorn teddy!  Here is another favourite in our house, a giant unicorn stuffed animal, this  is taken to bed everynight (and takes up most of the bed!).  It’s 80cm long and a really snuggly unicorn plush toy!  

Click here to buy the Large Pink Unicorn Teddy

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Unicorn Toys UK

Unlike the soft and cuddly unicorn above, this big unicorn teddy is still soft, but has a wire frame inside so it stands up on its own.  I don’t know how well it will take to being ridden, but I know my daughter would definitely ride it!  (How could you not?!).  Will look lovely in a child’s bedroom, and could be a nice alternative to a rocking horse.

See prices of Melissa & Doug Giant Unicorn Stuffed Animal (over 0.5 meters tall)

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Unicorn ride on toy

Now this is something I know Miss H would absolutely love!  She has been desperate for one of the ride on pony-cycles, but a unicorn ride on toy would completely tick all the right boxes!  At 44″ high it’s a big unicorn.  You bounce up and down to make it go, as if you are riding a real horse.  It’s the most expensive item in my list, and I think whoever gets to own one is very lucky indeed!

Click to see prices for Large Mechanical Action Pink Unicorn

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Furreal Friends StarLily My Magical Unicorn – interactive unicorn toy

Miss H owns her very own Furreal unicorn – Furreal Friends StarLily My Magical Unicorn.  Santa brought her to us one Christmas.  Santa had a really hard time finding the Furreal unicorn for sale too, but it was worth it for the look on Miss H’s face!  StarLily is made by Furreal Friends (we have many of their toys!), and is an interactive unicorn.  She responds to sounds and touch, her wings flutter and she can sit, stand or lie down.  She also makes magical unicorn noises.  Miss H tells me that she comes with a berry and when you put the berry in her mouth she makes chewing noises!

See prices for Furreal Friends Unicorn – StarLily my Magical Unicorn

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Animagic Rainbow Unicorn Toy – interactive unicorn toy

Here is another (more reasonable priced!) interactive unicorn like the StarLily unicorn, but this time by Animagic.  If you stroke Rainbow the Unicorn’s back, her horn glows (ok, I admit, I smiled when I wrote that!!).  Smuttiness aside, this would be a very loved unicorn in our house.

See prices for Animagic Rainbow My Glowing Unicorn

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Fantasia the Beanie Boo Unicorn

I don’t know about you, but we have many, many Beanie Boo soft toys in our house.  They are the ones with the huge eyes!  Here is one of the Beanie Boo unicorns – Fantastia!

See Prices for TY Beanie Boo Plush – Fantasia the Unicorn 15cm

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Pixy the Beanie Boo Unicorn

Here is another unicorn plush from the Beanie Boo collection. This time we have Pixy!

See Prices for TY Beanie Boo Plush – Pixy the Unicorn 15cm

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Unicorn Toys for girls and boys

Unicorn Plastic Toy – Ice Unicorn

If you are looking for a unicorn plastic toy then this one will be ideal.  It’s an ‘Ice Unicorn’ and will appeal to both unicorn and ‘Frozen’ lovers alike!

See Price for the Papo “Ice Unicorn” Figure.

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Unicorn Teddy

This is an adorable unicorn soft toy!  We have this one and her pink sister below!  They are 12” tall and come with gorgeous sparkly unicorn horn, ears and feet.  A lovely soft unicorn plush. 

Click here to see prices for the White Dreamy Eyes Unicorn Soft Toy

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You can buy the Pink Unicorn Toy here.  It’s just a lovely, soft unicorn plush toy.

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  1. Hi Nikki, with a young daughter into unicorns I also have had to find them, I thought you might like to add a cheaper version. Hobycraft do a pink build your own unicorn for £8. So the little ones can make it themselves or the magic fairies could get it ready for them.

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