Play it VR – Virtual Reality Games in York – Review

Play it VR, Virtual Reality Games in York, Review – We visited Play it VR in Acomb in York recently and it was so much fun!  For those of you who haven’t been, there are 6 virtual reality stations.  You can play games on your own or together with others, and they have 80 games you can play!  You can have exclusive hire of the venue, for a party or group of friends or just go as individuals or smaller groups.  We went as a party of six. 

Play it VR York

First of all, you are taken to a large cubicle and fitted with a headset that covers your eyes and also has headphones.  It felt quite comfortable to wear.  One thing to mention is that if you wear glasses, you can still play but if you have the option of contact lenses then I would recommend putting them in.  It might be that if you are shortsighted (though not extremely short sighted like I am) then you won’t need glasses at all in the virtual world.  Once the headset is on, you are given hand held devices (these are secured to your wrists with a strap so that you don’t throw them around unwittingly!).

Play it VR York Play it VR York

Once in, your whole world changes and you are stood in front of a screen from where you can choose games to play.  Miss H chose to play a game she had seen online (job simulator) while the rest of use joined in the same game.  I loved this!  We played a futuristic shoot ’em up, stalking and shooting each other (sounds worse than it was – not graphic in the least!).

Play it VR York
If you are not playing, you can watch what the players are seeing.

I have to say the graphics and experience are completely astounding.  You can look all around you as if you are really there – in our game we were ‘flying’ and it was quite dizzying at times.  It was fantastic fun to play with the others as you can see all the other players and speak (heckle!) them!  I’d love to return and try lots of different games too!

Do check the website before you go and look at the games you fancy playing.  There are so many that it is overwhelming, so this will save time for playing rather than choosing.  Also ask the owners for suggestions when you are there as they are lovely, knowledgeable and passionate about what they do.

It’s a great idea for a birthday party too!


We were invited to play and review, but as always, all opinions are our own.