Dunnington Park – Affordable family days out near York

Dave from Best Safety Boots blog recommended Dunnington Park to me.  I am always looking for free (or virtually free) days out, especially for the long summer holidays when we try to get out and about as much as possible, and it can get expensive. Parks and playgrounds can be a fab day out (when the weather is kind), and a great opportunity to meet up with other parents and children.

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Over half term we had a day out at Dunnington Park near York. The weather was overcast but there was no rain, so all was good! There is plenty of parking on the side of the road the park is on. There is a fence all the way round the park and a gate (in case you have little runners!).  Inside the park there are a few picnic benches. On a hot summer’s day, it might be best to bring a picnic blanket or chair just in case, but on a normal day you should be fine. My picnic blanket and folding chair live permanently in my car boot in the summer on a just-in-case basis. Along with coats, first aid kit and umbrella (book bags, PE Kits, guitar, mouldy pack ups, you get the picture!)

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What is there to do in Dunnington Park?

There’s a nice amount of equipment at Dunnington Park including a large climbing frame, see saw, swings and a long rocking swing thing (anyone know what they are called, so I can sound more knowledgeable in my next post??), here is a picture!

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As well as a nice, fast zip line (always popular with my two). There was a fantastic circular swing set here that now seems to be out of action. I am hoping it gets repaired as it was one of our favourites and I have not seen one in any other park. Does anyone know what is happening with it? Please comment below if you do as we’d love to know.

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Prices – Fun and Free

The park itself is free (yay!). All you need to factor in, is your picnic (if you are taking one) and your petrol money. There is a bus from York that drops you very close to the park for those that don’t drive.

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  1. Thank you, I live quite near here and didn’t know about this park. I am loving your blog, I will definitly go here. Sadly I have no idea what the circular seat thing is.

    1. I am hoping to review a few of the bigger local parks, it’s always good to have a few ‘free’ days out in between the more glamorous ones! Let me know if you come across any good ones!

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