Planning a new House Extension

At this time of year when the bright lights of Christmas are behind us and Spring has yet to start breezing through Wordsworth’s jolly daffodils, my thoughts turn to improving our house and garden.  We are quite rural and have a large garden but the house itself isn’t huge.  I was reading an article on what you would do if you unexpectedly found yourself in receipt of £100,000 and know exactly what I would do.  I’d put an extension on the side of our house exactly the same width as the house is now and double our living space.  We are lucky as we have such a large garden this shouldn’t negatively impact the outdoor space, but will completely transform our living space.

It’s not that we need lots more rooms, it’s more that the rooms we have are quite small and what I’ll like is bigger, airier rooms with less clutter and more space!  Our house is built on the side of a hill, so we have some beautiful views down over the Vale of York.  I’d like a huge picture window (at least as large as planning will allow!) so we can really make the most of these views and let the light flood in.  We have an open fire in our current living room and I would keep that and maybe have a log burning stove in the new living room.  I love to watch the flames of the open fire, but log burning stoves are far more efficient and as I plan to have a larger room it should heat the room well.

Our current dining room is a multipurpose room that we use for an office too.  I’d like to have a dedicated office in the new extension so that all my work papers and clutter are tidied away from visitors.  Then my dining room will be far more welcoming for dinner parties, and I won’t feel like I live in my work place!  I can shut the door of my office in the evening and not think about how much work I still have to do!


I would like a large bedroom the size of the living room.  Our bed is a superking and takes up most of the room in our loft conversion bedroom.  It will be lovely to be able to have space around the bed without having to stoop in the eaves!  Again, I want huge windows to take in the beautiful views and a lovely window seat to relax and read a book if the moment allows (this is less likely that someone randomly giving me £100,000 I fear!!).  I like the idea of a walk-in wardrobe, but my priority would go to building an en-suite.  Just the luxury of having my own private bathroom that is not too far to visit in the dead of the night – bliss!

So, there are my plans.  You can tell I have spent many hours planning my dream extension.  I do hope that someday we’ll be able to implement these plans.  In the meantime, I will keep dreaming and scheming!