North Star Club Sancton – Glamping Yorkshire – Toasted Marshmallows and Fairy Lights

The North Star Club Sancton in East Yorkshire has an otherworldly fairy-tale feel to it. The Woodland Lodges are set deep inside a wood and are completely private from one another. We slept in Sitwell, a lodge inspired by the Scarborough born poet Dame Edith Sitwell. The walls are decorated with quirky bookshelf wallpaper and some books by the author herself adorn the desk.

The bathroom is a thing of beauty. It has a huge double ended tub (perfect for romantic bathing à deux – unfortunately à deux these days just means a child has clambered in with me rather than a lovely relaxing time with hubby!). It also sports a large open shower and lots of candles to create a conducive atmosphere for relaxation (if you ever did manage to chuck the child out of your bath – let’s face it, it’s unlikely!).

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Luxury Log Cabins – Yorkshire Glamping

The main bedroom is huge and stylish. The bed is king-size and has rustic tree trunks at each corner creating a woodland four poster. In the corner of the room there is a wood burning stove which really kicks out a lot of heat and made the evening lovely and cosy. Logs and matches are provided in the room.

North Star Club Review Glamping

The children were in cute little bunkbeds in the second bedroom. Ideal for children but possibly on the small side for adults. In the seating area there was a handy sofa bed.

There is a deck at the front of the lodge with the most amazing view of the wood. There is a barbecue and a large table with stools to sit on. The stools looked very ‘utility chic’ but were not the most comfortable for my ample behind and I would have preferred something less stylish and more squishy!  We made the most of the ‘no TV or electronic games’ time to have a good family game of Monopoly.

North Star Club Review Glamping

Den Building at The North Star Club Sancton

Den building is encouraged at the North Star Club Yorkshire. Just next to our lodge a wigwam of sticks invited the children to play imaginative games inside and out. We visited in late Spring and the wood was overflowing with deep purple rhododendrons. They added an exotic ambience to the scenery, and I imagined some eccentric moustachioed Victorian plant collector returning from his travels through the Himalayas or Tibet with his prized possession of a tiny Rhododendron bush, never imagining that in a century or so the woods would be overflowing with their vibrant colour.

North Star Club Review Glamping

The children loved the fire pit and the chance to toast marshmallows and eat s’mores. This would be a perfect venue for a family get together where individual families have their own space in a lodge but can get together in the evening around the campfire to chat, drink wine and look at the stars. The children can play nearby and you can relax, knowing they are safe.

There is plenty of woodland to explore around the lodges and you can plan a woodland trail to take the children on. Mr Wonders took our two for a long walk while I relaxed back at the lodge (I know, right?!).  Outside each lodge there is a wheelbarrow to help you bring your luggage in and out.  The children had other ideas!

North Star Club Review Glamping

North Star Glamping Yorkshire

The Woodshed – the ‘communal relaxation space’ is like stepping into a film set. Coming from the bright outdoors into the subtly lit comfortable space is a shock to the senses. Three large sofas, draped with blankets and furs are arranged around a wood burning stove. Again, this would be a lovely spot to spend a friends or family reunion.

There is also an honesty bar for teas and coffees and if you are lucky a glass dish full of brownies.

North Star Club Review Glamping

What did the children think?

They loved the space to play in the woods and they loved the barbecues we had in the evening. They also liked the decadent bath (and getting them in the bath is not always easy!). If we had visited with other families it would have made the whole stay perfect for them as they could have played into the evening as the adults chatted. North Star Glamping has a luxurious adult feel to it, but the children did not notice and loved it anyway.



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