Glamping or Hotels – which are best for Kids?

We love both hotels breaks and glamping but which is best when you have kids?  I have a list of the reasons for both:

Reasons to take the kids Glamping

  1. You can glamp in some really exciting places like the Geodomes at Camp Katur or the Tree Houses at Swinton Park.
  2. Many glamping places offer a private hot tub and more room for the kids to run around outside your accommodation.
  3. The kids can let their hair down easier when glamping and can go for long walks in the woods before coming back to toast marshmallows over a roaring camp fire.
  4. The kids get a sense of the outdoors without you having to rough it.
  5. You can have family time without the phones and tablets and give the kids (and yourself) a digital detox.

Camp Katur Glamping North Yorkshire Geodome Review (13)


Reasons to take the kids to a hotel

  1. Hotels are undoubtedly less work.  There is no cooking, cleaning or washing up to be done.
  2. You can go to a hotel just for the weekend, it’s quick and easy and there is no pod to set up.
  3. Hotels often offer free wi-fi which will keep the children occupied.
  4. If you are travelling in the Autumn or Winter then hotels are much warmer and more practical than glamping.
  5. Many hotels have swimming pools that the kids love to splash around in (and you can head into the spa while your other half looks after them as they dive for pennies!)


There are definitely lots of reasons for an against why you would choose glamping over a hotel or vice versa.  Both have their good and bad points.  Personally I think you should just do both and as many times as you can afford to!  I think any form of travel is beneficial to children’s education.  They often remember tiny details that you wouldn’t expect and then you realise just how much they take in while you are out and about.

We love both hotels and glamping and have reviewed both.  Have a look at my Glamping in Yorkshire post here, or my review of Rockcliffe Hall hotel here.