Nighthawk Review – Ride On by Rollplay

Nighthawk Review – Ride On by Rollplay – This week saw great excitement in the Wonders household when this strange looking UFO landed – otherwise known as the Rollplay Nighthawk!  It’s a very sleek looking low-to-the-ground ride on for kids aged 6+.  It has a 12v electric motor and is very nippy at up to 12km an hour (which I bet feels much faster so close to the ground!).  To start with, here is a video so you can see it in action!

Nighthawk Video Review

Nighthawk is available from Amazon in White or Red or Smyths and Hamleys.

Nighthawk Review

Miss H was excited to try it out, but was a little nervous driving it to begin with.  This nervousness quickly dissipated though after a couple of turns around our local tennis court and before long she was an expert!

Nighthawk Review - Nighthawk Ride on by Rollplay

Underneath it has two smaller wheels and a large drive wheel at the back.  There are then two smaller wheels underneath the ‘wings’ that help you steer around corners. 

Nighthawk Review - Nighthawk Ride on by Rollplay

There is no steering wheel, the child just leans into the corner and the Nighthawk does the rest.  Watching Miss H ‘learn’ how to ride it showed me how intuitive it was.  There is a moulded seat and an accelerator and brake at the front operated by the feet.  

Charging the Nighthawk

The Nighthawk is charged by unlocking and removing the top cover (you can use a coin to unlock it).  You need to then disconnect the battery plug and then plug that wire into the charger cable, which in turn goes to your wall socket.  Our model came with a European charger that slid off and you could change it for the UK adaptor provided.  There is a red led on the charger that turns green once the Nighthawk is charged.  Recommended charging is 12 hours and the battery will last around an hour.

I love the red and black design.  We think it looks organic, like a stingray or a Typhoon fighter jet.  I made the kids wear a cycle helmet and elbow and knee pads, but it has to be said, they never once fell off it, or had an accident.  Miss H loved it, just be prepared for all the kids wanting a go!

Nighthawk is available from Amazon in White or Red or Smyths and Hamleys.

Nighthawk Review - Nighthawk Ride on by Rollplay (9)

Underneath the Nighthawk:

This is the official info I was sent:

ROLLPLAY unleashes Nighthawk in the UK 

ROLLPLAY has revealed Nighthawk – a thrilling new sit, slide and glide ride for preteens. With its leading-edge design, kids can glide through exhilarating curves and feel the sensational control of the ROLLPLAY Nighthawk as they learn how to master the unique riding action. Riders steer the Nighthawk by leaning into the curve, while gas and brake pedals allow variable speed control. Handlebars placed either side of the seat protect hands and offer complete control, and there’s a rear flag for safety.  

With a 2 metre turning radius, Nighthawk runs at a max speed of 12 km/h for kids 6 years plus. The 12V battery is quickly rechargeable overnight and has a run time of approximately 60 minutes. The Nighthawk is available in both white and red. 

We were sent a Nighthawk for the purposes of this review – as ever – all my opinions remain my own.