My family and our online life!

Now, it would be true to say that we are big techy family.  Both Mr Wonders and I worked in IT before having the children and have always loved anything tech related.  The kids are the same and love their tablets.  They use them to play games like Roblox, and they Are huge YouTube fans.  I am very envious as when I was their age, we had two soap operas, three TV channels and the only kids’ programmes were on, on a teatime.  We were one of the first families in the street to have a video and trips to the video rental shop were a massive treat!  Now, if they fancy watching a film, they can easily live stream or download it to watch within a few seconds thanks to the miracle that is broadband!

I rely heavily on our broadband too, not just for the fun stuff like playing games and watching movies though.  We both run businesses from home that just could not work without a decent broadband connection, and we have had some great broadband deals over the years.  Mr Wonders now make furniture and made to measure radiator covers.  We have our own webshop as well as selling on the likes of Ebay and Amazon, with the help of Amazon PPC Agency we achieve good success in sales.

We need to have fast and easy access to reply to messages and create new listings as well as all the online admin with taking orders etc.  Myself, I write this blog.  I edit all my posts online and am often researching new ideas.  A good broadband speed is so important as I upload large photos regularly and in the bad old days this took an absolute age!

The children often do their homework on line, with researching stuff on the internet or on actual educational sites like Mathletics and Sumdog.  The work they do on these sites is then fed back to their teachers, plus they can interact with the other children in their class online. 


I am a big social media user.  I am on Twitter and Instagram for my blog, but really my heart is on Facebook where all my friends and family are.  I use messenger every single day, as do the children.  They can send messages to their grandparents and use video calling too.  They even have a TikTok account where they post random videos!


We are an Amazon Alexa family and have Alexa in most rooms.  We are slowly converting our house into a smart home with the use of Alexa and broadband.  We have different routines set up for the lights in the house, they automatically come on at a certain time and when we are going to bed, we simply tell Alexa we are going to bed and she makes sure that everything is turned off and the children’s lights are dimmed.  It’s safe to say that we have embraced all the fabulous things that having broadband has enabled us to do!

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