Made to Measure Radiator Covers – Behind the Scenes!

Made to measure radiator covers

Made to measure radiator covers.  As well as writing this site, Hubby (Dave) and I run Wolds Wood, a small family business selling wooden furniture. We live in a rural location and have turned our barns into workshops where we make everything ourselves.

custom bespoke radiator covers

Made to Measure Radiator Covers

Dave makes fine furniture like beautiful walnut dining tables and benches. My work, it has to be said is less artistic but it is satisfying. I cut and sand! We make lovely radiator covers.  We make made to measure radiator covers made to a customer’s measurements.

custom bespoke radiator covers

Career Change

Before we had the children, we both worked in IT, which we loved, but the hours were long and I often worked away from home. We wanted to do something more creative – and crucially – something we could do from home so we would be here for the children.

Made to measure radiator covers

Cutting and Sanding Radiator Covers

Dave has always been very practical and has built our CNCs (computer guided cutting machines) from scratch. I supervise the running of these machines and sit here writing while they cut (like right now!).  When I have finished cutting and sanded everything by hand (goodbye nails!) I then send the covers through to the other workshop to be painted and packaged by Dave.

Made to measure radiator covers

Rural Business

Sometimes it is hard, we are on the top of the Wolds and the winters can be bitter.  We have no heating in the workshop (I have a hot water bottle!). Motivating myself to leave my nice warm house to trudge through the snow is hard to say the least, but it is worth it.

Made to measure radiator covers

We ship all over the UK

We ship our made to measure radiator covers to all parts of the UK.  Drop us an email at if you’d like to ask any questions! We usually have an 6 week wait time from ordering to delivering.  We are trying to catch up – but it is hard!  I know I am biased but they are worth the wait!  

Oak Beam Mantles

As well as dining tables and benches, we also make lovely rustic oak beam mantles.  As an example of the sort of thing we make I was kindly sent these photos from Victoria at Lylia Rose.

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  1. Wow! I’ve never seen radiator covers so intricate and pretty as these! Wonderful work 🙂

  2. Absolutely gorgeous ! I will be in touch -I am about to decorate my bedroom -do you measure the radiator or do I ?

    1. Hi Julie,

      If you measure the radiator, (width, height and depth), and include any valves or pipes you would like covering, I can advise you on the size you would need and price.

      Also let me know if there are any restrictions that need to be taken into consideration, such as a window immediately above or a door to the side. If you can send a photo if that would explain any issues then that would be great.

      The best email to use is

      All the best

  3. Hi i love the covers can u give me your website address so i can take a look and maybe buy if i can afford thrm thank you.

    1. Hi Emma,

      Yes! The wesbite is

      Nikki x

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