Moving Home? How To Take Your Internet With You

Are you cashing in on the UK housing boom? Upsizing, downsizing, or relocating? Either way, there’s a lot about which to think when moving home. Of course, the main thing is how you’ll get all your stuff from one place to another. And that’s not only furniture and possessions. You’ll also want to take things like your broadband connection with you. So, how do you do it? Can you even get internet at the place to which you want to move – and will it meet your needs?

Before you put an offer in…

It’s always a good idea to do your research when you start looking for a new home. You might well find your dream house in the country – but what if it doesn’t have full broadband coverage? However, you can always check broadband availability and speed in your chosen area.

You should also check with your current supplier if they can hook you up at your new property. If you’re happy with them, you won’t want to start looking around for a replacement. Mind you, it’s possible that now is the time to seek out a better deal on your internet.


The home-moving process

When the time comes to move home, the big thing to consider is a potential connection gap. It pays to prepare here, whether it’s a new or existing supplier. Get a date in your diary for installation. Otherwise, you could find yourself waiting for longer than you’d thought.

Data shows that 1 million Brits didn’t get broadband for eight days after moving in 2020. That can be frustrating enough in itself. But what about if you work from home or have kids who need entertaining? Your mobile data can only stretch so far – and that’s if you have signal!

Other things to think about

You’re in, set up, and ready to go. But is that the end of your online odyssey? Not quite. There are still other things that you might want to consider in your new home. How about, for example, installing a UK VPN to protect your connection and safeguard your privacy? You can learn more here.

Is your Wi-Fi network strong throughout your new home? If it’s patchy up on the top floor or isn’t quite holding up in the cellar, a signal booster may become your new best friend. And have you started buying more smart or connected devices? That’ll put a strain on your network for sure.

The process of moving home is one of life’s biggest stresses, but you don’t need to let getting a safe and reliable internet connection to add to that. Doing your research and preparing in advance can ensure that your digital move is as smooth as possible. You’ll be ready for life in your new home with it done.