Lovely Winter Wardrobe from Lighthouse Clothing

We were recently contacted by Lighthouse Clothing and asked if we wanted to try out and review some of their new collection of clothing.  I had a look at the website and all the lovely things and of course I said yes – I love getting the kids new clothes more than I like getting new clothes myself!  So, have a look at what we thought of some of the items.

I love this Robyn sweatshirt in all its jolly floral finery.  It looks so cosy which is perfect for the comfort loving Miss H, she would be very snug in this.  Both my children prefer comfort over style, but if I can manage to get both into one item then that makes me very happy indeed!  Made from a lovely soft jersey, it has the added bonus of pockets too, which all clothes should have if they possibly can (in my opinion!).  It’s on sale at £14.95 which is an excellent price I think!



I also love this Llama Appliqué top, it would brighten anyone’s day!  Llama’s are definitely popular at the moment and Miss H has a Llama bag as well as a Llamacorn bottle.  What’s a Llamacorn I hear you ask?  It’s a Llama crossed with a unicorn of course, fancy not knowing that! This Llama looks like it’s having a party!  Again, another soft jersey and a great price at £13.95.  Love the cute applique birds too


This Amelia coat is cuteness itself.  Perhaps better suited to spring than winter with it’s darling little lambs and ducks!  The outer layer is waterproof and the inner layer is a soft and cosy fleece with insulated padding.  It also has two front pockets (and you know what a fan of pockets I am!)  Miss H is just getting to the age where she will be growing out of wearing this sort of thing, so I say make the most of it while it lasts!  The younger years are definitely the cutest!


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