Trying out MJ’s Diner Air Fryer Ready Meals

We were recently invited to test out a range of Air fryer ready meals from MJ’s Diner. You can buy the meals in various shops, such as Farmfoods and Poundland.

It’s a huge range, with favourites such as Katsu Chicken Curry and Shortcrust Steak Pie with Chunky Chips.  In fact, here is the entire list:

· Chicken Nuggets and Fries (Made with 100% Breast)
· Fish Fillet and Straight Cut Chips
· Mixed Starter: 2 Potato Skins, 6 Garlic Mushrooms & 4 Hot & Spicy wings
· All Day Breakfast – 2 Sausage, 2 Hash Browns, 3 Gammon Grill / Steak, 2 Black Pudding
· Katsu Chicken & Crinkle Cut Chips – 100% Breast Fillet
· Sweet & Sour Chicken & Crinkle Cut Chips (100% Breast Fillet)
· Shortcrust Steak Pie and Steak Cut Chips
· Southern Fried Popcorn Chicken and crispy fries
· Hot & Spicy Chicken Wings and Crinkle Cut Chips
· Breaded Fish Fingers with Chips
· 2 Beef Grillsteaks with Chips
· Crispy Chicken Goujons and Crinkle Cut Chips (100% Breast Fillet)
· Salt & Pepper Chicken Chunks and Crinkle Cut Chips
· Beef Meatballs with Chips & Gravy

All products are priced either £1.99 or £2.49 per pack.  While not a low calorie option, they are certainly lower in calories than their takeaway counterparts.  Every meal in the range comes in at under 915 kcals, with the lowest just 531 kcals.  A huge benefit to these meals (in addition to the cracking price) is that they are so easy to make – especially if you have had a busy day and just don’t have the time or energy to cook from scratch.

MJ’s Air fryer ready meals are pre-packaged meals designed specifically for cooking in an air fryer.  They ready are very easy to cook – empty the foil bag into your air fryer tray and cook – generally for about 15 minutes and you are done.  I would try undercooking the chips a little first, my air fryer always cooks much faster than recommended times.

It’s so nice to try something different for a change and the kids can decide what they are having for their tea!