Lady Betty Afternoon Tea York – Review

Lady Betty Afternoon Tea York, Review – Betty’s in York has long been one of my favourite ever tearooms. I love the elegant rooms, courteous service and the sense of calm that descends upon me once I am firmly ensconced in my seat with a pot of Earl Grey in front and a good friend beside me.  Despite having visited Betty’s many, many times (I recommend visiting in the evening, as the queue is much better then), I have never before tried their afternoon tea. I was in for a complete treat!

Lady Betty Afternoon Tea York – Review

The first thing you need to know is that you can book a table for Betty’s afternoon tea online. This is far more civilised than standing in the queue (which can be sizeable as Betty’s has an impressive and deserved reputation). Then, when you arrive at your allotted time, don’t go to the main entrance, go around the side (into St Helen’s Square) and you will find your very own VIP entrance with stairs up to the Belmont Room.

Lady Bettys Afternoon Tea York (2)

At the top of the stairs you will be greeted warmly and then showed reverently to your tea table.

Lady Betty Afternoon Tea York

Once settled, we were offered water and drinks. I ordered my favourite pot of Earl Grey of course, while my friend chose fruit juice (I can’t understand these people who don’t like tea!). Then we were brought appetisers of this pea, cucumber and tomato cocktail. It was surprisingly delicious. A real fresh and zingy palate cleanser.

New Lady Betty Afternoon Tea Review

Next came the savoury selection –  a slice of pork and apple pie (delicious) and smoked salmon (delicious to those who eat salmon I am sure!)

Lady Bettys Afternoon Tea York (2)

Once we had finished the appetiser and savoury selection we were brought this magnificent assortment.

Lady Bettys Afternoon Tea York Review

Bettys York Afternoon Tea

The sandwiches were made up of Yorkshire ham and tomato pâté, chicken and tarragon and egg mayonnaise.  These were freshly made and the bread was wonderful (which is a high accolade from me as I am not the biggest bread fan).  

Lady Bettys Afternoon Tea York (2)

The next layer were the scones. There were two different flavours, lemon (lovely) and rose (divine – tasted of Turkish Delight and reminded me of Edmund and the White Witch of Narnia). These were served with jam and clotted cream, but really, both flavours of scones were so good they could have been eaten with no embellishments.

Lady Bettys Afternoon Tea York (2)

Lady Betty’s Afternoon Tea York

Then finally we have the miniature cakes layer!  These delightful dainties included a chocolate and passion fruit  cube, a gooseberry macaron, a pistachio and chocolate dacquoise slice, fresh berry meringue (my favourite), miniature battenberg and lemon religieuse.  They were a work of art, they were so pretty!

Lady Betty Afternoon Tea York (2)

The Belmont Room where Lady Betty’s Afternoon Tea is served is a light and airy room. It’s relaxed and there is plenty of room between tables. The service is impeccable. We had a young waiter who was completely charming. He was clearly confident with the afternoon tea and very knowledgeable. I think Betty’s staff are very well trained. (In fact I have some insight into this as many years ago I took on a part time job in Betty’s kitchen. I lasted three days. Three days! The shame!).

There are many fabulous and varied afternoon teas to be had in York, but I think that Betty’s may be my favourite.  It would make a fabulous present and you can buy a Bettys Afternoon Tea Voucher online.

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