Discover the US in style with your family: 3 cities you need to visit

The US has been a popular vacation destination for families for many years. However, it can be quite the struggle, as many people do not visit this diverse country for just a few days. Many prefer to stay for a few weeks, and that all of a sudden requires much more planning, packing, etc. It can be a stressful situation, so why not arrange the travel with an agency that delivers high quality holiday packages?


Little America is a travel agency that definitely lives up to the standard of high quality holiday packages to usa from uk. If you book your travel through Little America, you will be able to relax and enjoy the travel whilst getting personalized and unique experiences. In this article, we will introduce you to a few cities that you can visit hasslefree through Little America.

Be amazed by San Francisco

In the north of the great state of California, you will find beautiful San Francisco. If you and your family like to eat and try new foods from different countries, then San Francisco might just be the right choice for you.


Except for being known for different cultures and different foods, San Francisco is also known for the large red bridge, the Golden Gate-Bridge. Likewise, San Francisco is built on hills, so you can easily get a good look over the bridge from several places in the big city.


In San Francisco, you are also able to take the tram – just like in Amsterdam in Europe. This is quite special though, as not many cities in the US have a tram system. If you are traveling with small children, this might be a fun experience. You can take the tram and look out in the city while relaxing.

Experience beautiful Seattle

Seattle is mostly known for the Space Needle! You are actually able to visit the tower, which might be fun for everyone in the family. There is no doubt that the children will enjoy visiting this tower that looks like something from the future or from space!


Seattle is also considered to be a rather romantic city, and many couples enjoy a lovely evening in one of Seattle’s many nice restaurants. It is not a coincidence that several romantic movies occur in this northern city.

Unwind in sunny Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is – just like San Francisco – located in the great state of California. However, Santa Barbara is located far more south! The city is close to the sea, and the waves are amazing for surfing. Therefore, many tourists from all over the world find themselves trying out the waves of southern California.


If you are an active family who likes to play around in water, you should plan a trip to Santa Barbara. You might not be into surfing, but the city also offers many other different activities. Santa Barbara is also surrounded by beautiful nature so you can easily plan different hikes – or get help planning from Little America for a more hasslefree experience.

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