Landlord-friendly decor tips for renters

Who says a rented property can’t feel like you’re own? Sure, when you rent rather than owning your very own property you are restricted in some ways as to changes you can make. But putting your own stamp on a place isn’t about knocking down walls! It can simply be done by adding your own touch here and there.


Luckily, there are plenty of ways to do this whilst staying well within the rules as a tenant and not upsetting your landlord. Here are a few easy wins if your rented property isn’t quite feeling like your own yet. 


Paint the walls

You may think that painting the walls is a big no-no in a rental property and sure, in some that may be the case. But perhaps not always! If you haven’t already, it’s always worth asking your landlord if you can paint the walls. You might even be doing them a favour if the walls are looking a little tired and in need of TLC.


A particularly relaxed landlord might give you full reign over any colour you like – after all, you can always paint back over it before you leave. However, neutrals are most landlords’ preference. If the walls aren’t already a clean, crisp white then this could be the best course of action. White makes the perfect blank canvas for anyone’s style and goes with almost all furniture; dark tones, wood and bright pops of colour. It also makes a space look bright and airy. 


Utilise surfaces and bookshelves

One of the most common bugbears for tenants is not being able to nail anything to the walls. A reputable landlord will compare landlord insurance policies to ensure that they are protected as possible, but nails in the wall can leave damage behind for the next tenant.


If it’s prints and photos you’d like to display in your home, these look just as good propped on surfaces such as console tables, dressers and standalone bookshelves as they do on the walls. This helps to add that all-important height and dimension to a room and cover blank spaces without breaking any of your landlord’s rules. 


Ambient lighting

A badly lit space can really make you feel a certain type of way. To create a homely and cosy feel, lighting is key to achieving the right ambience. And once you start feeling cosy in a space, it can really feel like your own little safe haven.


Your landlord has probably gone as far as putting a ceiling bulb in each room, but you can up the ante with the use of lamps. Focus on corners, ensuring they are well-lit by statement floor laps or quirky table lamps. For that lovely evening glow in rooms such as your lounge and bedrooms, opt for warm lower-wattage bulbs. They give off a soft and relaxing feel as opposed to bright white bulbs which can feel more clinical. Brighter bulbs work better in your kitchen and bathrooms.


Bring life to your home

Sharing your space with other living things can certainly make somewhere feel more like home. Perhaps your landlord won’t allow you to have pets, but you can always turn to plants! Sure, they are not going to be as happy to see you when you get home from work but they do look great and breathe air into any room – literally. Not to mention, caring for plants can become a really therapeutic part of your daily routine.


Plants are a big part of many interior trends and there are hundreds of different types, styles and sizes to suit your style. Consider yourself a bit of a neutral minimalist? Olive and eucalyptus trees add a beautiful muted green to your space to bring a little life. Are you more of a quirky maximalist? Start your own cactus collection, mixing and matching with many different shapes and sizes.


Whether your rented home is a stop-gap until you can get on the property ladder or whether you’re there to stay, life is too short not to make the most of any space you live in. There’s no need to feel limited as a renter in 2023 – it just takes a little more creativity!

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