JML Iron – Review of the JML Phoenix Copper Iron

JML Phoenix Copper Iron – Now, I have to preface this review by saying I am not a big fab of ironing.  We work from home, so we no longer iron shirts and the kids clothes tend to be non iron.  It’s usually for the rare occurrences where we actually go out, and perhaps weddings and funerals.  So when I do iron – it has to be effective!  I don’t want to stand there for hours ironing the same bit hoping that eventually the creases will go!  I want to give it a quick iron and for it then to be perfectly flat.  I was very pleased to be asked to review this JML Iron as it’s a major upgrade to my old one.

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You can see, it looks very swanky for a start.  

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JML Phoenix Copper Iron

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The soleplate is ceramic, so it really does glide nicely across the fabric.  The little silver triangular piece is where the steam comes out.  This can be replaced if, like me, you live in a hard water area and limescale builds up.  Our water is so hard, I have to replace our kettle every year. 

JML Steam Iron

The amount of steam that comes out can be adjusted, depending on what you are ironing.  On it’s highest setting, it is a fearful thing to behold, and sends a great strong jet out.  Ideal for steaming dresses or more delicate fabrics where you don’t want to actually touch the iron to the fabric.

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Filling the iron with water is easy – and it comes with a little plastic jug.  I will probably lose this or the kids will take it away to play with, but I suspect any jug will do a similar job!

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JML Iron

It comes with this brush attachment – to be used for brushing down clothes as you steam them.  Great if you wear a lot of suits (not me any more – but would have been good in the days when I did!).

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The control dial so you can change the heat and steam, depending on what you are ironing.

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JML Phoenix Copper Steam Iron

Oh yes – the tank size is 380ml, so you are not having to constantly refill.  Another plus is that the cable is 2.4m long.  Great for me as the nearest plug point to where I put my ironing board is in an inconvenient place, and I used to have to use an extension cable, this is much better.

All round, the JML steam iron is a cracking iron with a very impressive steam facility.

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