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Gift ideas for family members addicted to skiing

Gift ideas for family members addicted to skiing

The ski season is nearly upon us . . .  Okay, we barely got the kids back to school, and haven’t even got our heads around the end of the Summer just yet. However with Winter, (sadly, certainly in Yorkshire) just around the corner, ski addicted families start daydreaming towards the Winter. That means the emotional turmoil of Christmas gift buying, perhaps birthdays and more celebrations.

For families that love nature and the outdoors, gift buying can be a bit of a nightmare. You want to buy something that they want but also something that they need. We also want to focus on quality, keepsakes, products that last.

So, we put together the ultimate gift guide for family members addicted to skiing. We split it up into sections which we hope you find useful.

Grab a brew and pull up a pew.


Tokens/gestures and little gifts less than £50


1.) Goggle soc

Goggle socs are thoroughly adorable. They help protect your goggles when you aren’t riding, at apres ski or out and about in the town. Protect the lenses and express a little personality too!

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2.) Steel bottle

This is an environmentally friendly and sustainable gift,  perfect for all year round but extra convenient in the mountain backpack. Stay hydrated, works with cold drinks or a lovely flask of tea. . . Or maybe a hot toddy!

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3.) Neck warmers

This is a great little gift that every rider, big or small needs. Prevent windburn, that pesky jacket zip scratch on the chin as well not to mention staying warm. Immensely useful!

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4.) Drysure Boot Dryer

There is truly nothing worse than waking up at the crack of dawn to get the first lift, heading down to the boot room and after struggling to get your foot into the boot, it’s damp. Even talking about it is horrid. So, portable boot dryers are indeed the answer. Warm cozy boots every morning.

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5.) Ski socks

Everyone needs ski socks, no matter the age or level of rider, happy feet – happy skier or snowboarder. Good quality socks will ensure free blood flow and consistent temperatures while managing perspiration.  It’s an ideal gift.

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Big gifts more than £50



Perhaps not the first gift idea that comes to mind but really important for a family adventure. You can make onsight fixes to equipment (be sure to do your research if you plan to adjust skis/bindings) and other adjustments. Handy tools whenever you need them.

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2.) Ski poles

A lovely gesture and idea for younger riders when you can adjust the height. If you also get bright customizable ski poles. When buying from a brand like panda poles, the poles are also sustainable and environmentally friendly which we love!

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3.) Ski jacket

When it comes to ski jackets, we want to perfect balance of practicality and style. High quality products that last and cozy as all heck, perfect for a family ski holiday. Ladies ski jackets with lots of pockets are imperative too, plenty of space for everything you need.

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4.) Backpack

It does always feels nice to be light and agile on the mountain, but it’s massively important to take a backpack with you to carry everything you need. Freeriders will know this, and as parents of families when on the hills you have a great big list of essentials. From snacks and water sources all the way to extra layers.

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5.) Merino wool base layer

Oh, to be comfortable on the mountain, it takes so many variables. You want to first have the skills, secondly, be warm and cozy and thirdly stay dry. The latter 2 can be taken care of with a google quality base layer. Merino Wool is the go-to.

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Extra Ideas- Big Investments


1.) Sport Tube

Ideal for adventurous families, (don’t quote us on this but also you may be able to bypass extra luggage fees if you are careful).  Sport Tubes allow you to transport numerous pairs of skis in one container. Also preventing damage in transit.

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2.) Thule ski rack

If you love to drive to the alps (for families it can in many circumstances work out cheaper), then you will want to save space in the car for the luggage, food and comfort etc. Therefore a roof rack and container are perfect for putting skis and bags inside. Making journeys as stress-free as possible.

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We hope you found this article useful, let us know your thoughts and comments. Be sure to let us know if you have any ideas to add to the list, we love recommendations. Enjoy your adventures, folks!




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