Rockpooling with the Kids on Filey Brigg

Rockpooling with the Kids on Filey Brigg

Over the weekend we had a trip to Filey and went rock-pooling on Filey Brigg.

Fishing Nets

The kids had a fabulous time! We bought them a fishing net each. Have a look at these (photo below!) on Amazon if you haven’t bought fishing nets lately, they have telescopic handles so fold up really small. Revolutionary if you ask me!  I actually have a feather duster in a similar design – not as fun, but a brilliant idea!


Parking is fairly limited near Filey Brigg and even though we were there astoundingly early for us (ie before lunch) the parking along the front was rammed.  We ended up parking in the Country Park car park.  It’s great, there is lots of space and there is a kids’ play park up there too.  The only (but sizeable) drawback is that it is at the top of the cliff, so although the walk down is ok, it’s not as much fun climbing all the way back to the top.  Especially after a full day on the beach – and when carrying all your beach paraphernalia and/or a buggy!  I’d recommend staying at the bottom with the kids and sending your partner up to get the car if you can think of some way to make this happen – bribery of some sort?

Shops, Amusements and Food

There are lots of shops, amusements and food places along the slipway to the beach.  Great for fish and chips and ice cream before the drive home.  If you are lucky, like us, you might see the lifeboats coming in or out.

The Beach

The beach is long and flat and great for sandcastle building.  At the far end of the beach lies Filey Brigg with lots of rockpools to find treasures in.  (Try not to leave said treasures in the car for days afterwards though, especially it is warm – the fragrance of the sea is less attractive in confined spaces).

Rockpooling on Filey Brigg

We spent a few hours exploring the rockpools with our nets until the tide came in.  There are warnings just before the slipway to check high tide times as it does come in surprisingly fast – so take heed.  Oh while I am thinking of watery emergencies though, the public loos can be found at the top of the slipway too, at the other side of the road.  They are not the most palatial but are free.

Check out Fraisthorpe Beach too

If you are wanting a day out on a beach without the walk down from the cliff, have a look at my reviews of Fraisthorpe Beach too – and Fraisthorpe in Winter.



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