5 Best Italian Restaurants in Leeds

best restaurants in Leeds

Best Italian Restaurants in Leeds – Italian food…the glorious delights of the pizza and pasta dishes that we have all come to know so well. Before we dive into the Best Italian Restaurants in Leeds I’m going to share with you some fascinating facts that you can dazzle your friends with next time you are enjoying a spag bol together.  Did you know that in Italy spaghetti bolognese isn’t served with spaghetti at all, but with tagliatelle? In-fact the Italians don’t even call it bolognese, they call it ragu! The reason  us foreigners use a different name? Legend has it that in WW2, foreign soldiers passed through the city of Bologna were introduced to this wonderful sauce. On returning home they wanted to recreate this delicious pasta dish that they had enjoyed so much but they couldn’t remember the original name  so it became the sauce of Bologna, the Bolognese sauce. What we do know as fact is that you will not find spaghetti bolognese on the menu of any self respecting Italian restaurant!  Anyway, you are here to find Italian restaurants in Leeds –

Viva Italian Restaurant

9-11 Bridge End, Leeds LS1 7HG

At Viva Restaurant they offer a comfortable and relaxing setting where you can enjoy authentic Italian cuisine. The menu is traditionally Italian with something delicious to suit everybody’s taste. Below are just a few of the mouth watering options available.

Bresaola della Valtellina 

~Cured Italian beef thinly sliced, cheese shavings, seasonal leaves and virgin olive oil~

Battuta di Pollo alla Milanese 

~Chicken breast, bread crumbed and pan fried served on a bed of garlic and chilli spaghetti, salad & vegetable~

Filetto ai Gamberoni 

~Grilled fillet steak served with king prawns and garlic on a bed of seasonal leaves~

Spaghetti all Pesto Sauce (V) 

~ Homemade sauce from fresh basil, pine kernels, parmesan, pecorino cheese, garlic, extra virgin and olive oil~

Rustica Funghi (V) 

~Parcels of wild mushrooms in a cream, sun dried tomato pesto and mascarpone sauce~

italian restaurant leeds
Viva Italian Restaurant


If you are a tourist, it is better for you сar hire Leeds to visit this place!


Trattoria II Forno

85 Town St, Horsforth, Leeds LS18 5BP

At Trattoria II Forno they offer a classic Italian experience, including a warm and friendly vibe and a menu of traditional Italian dishes including wood fired pizzas. Here are some of the delights that they have on offer.

Insalata di Pollo 
~Pan fried chicken breast on a mixed leaf salad with
croutons and parmesan, with a Ceasar salad dressing
with anchovies~

Medaglioni di Maiale 
~Pork medallions in a creamy Marsala wine and mushroom sauce served with crushed potatoes, caramelised onions and pancetta~

Risotto Primavera 
~Risotto with asparagus, peas and broccoli finished with crumbled goats cheese, dill and chives and parmesan~

Pizza alle Polpette 
~tomato sauce, mozzarella, juicy homemade beef
meatballs, mixed bell peppers, jalapenos, rocket and
parmesan shavings~

best italian restaurants in leeds
Trattoria II Forno

Z U C C O Italian restaurant in Leeds

603 Meanwood Road, Leeds LS6 4AY

Offering an extensive classic Italian menu, including, currently, an extensive take away service, Zucco is well respected for its fine Mediterranean cuisine. A contemporary Italian restaurant and bar with a vibrant feel. Some of the delicious menu options are below.

Baked Figs

~served with gorgonzola and prosciutto crudo~

Spaghetti all vongole

~served with pancetta, chilli and garlic~

Ox cheek

~Ox cheek, pea and grana padano risotto~

Italian restaurant in Leeds
Z U C C O Italian restaurant in Leeds

Da Vito Ristorante

3 York Place, Leeds LS12DR, near Metropolitan Hotel

Da Vito Ristorante invite you to visit them and discover the true Italian cuisine, featuring antipasti, paste, minestre, carni, pesce. Some of the stars of the menu are listed below.

Brie Fritto

~Deep fried Brie cheese, seasonal leaves, compote of woodland berries/seasonal fruit~

Tagliolini with Fresh & Smoked Salmon

~Fresh egg pasta tagliolini with fresh & smoked Salmon, cream and tomatoe sauce~

Tagliata Di Manzo

~Grilled prime sirloin steak, sliced and finished in the oven with evo oil, on a bed of spinach and wild mushroom, pecorino cheese~

Pollo Milano

~Chicken breast bread crumbed and pan-fried served on a bed of garlic and chilli spaghetti~

Tagliolini with Homemade Pesto Genovese

~Homemade sauxe from fresh basil, pine kernels, parmesan, pecorino cheese, garlic, evo~
italian leeds
Da Vito Ristorante

Culto – Italian

97 Stainbeck Road, Leeds, LS7 2PR

At Culto visitors enjoy a bright, relaxed dining experience with a wonderful choice of  Italian fare including traditional pasta dishes, pizza & salads. Some of the stand out items on the menu are listed below.

Arancini Ripieni Cotto e Mozzarella 
~Sicilian rice balls coated in breadcrumbs, filled with cooked
ham and mozzarella ~

Linguine Rosse (v)
~Linguine pasta cooked in wood aged Barolo wine sauce with
onions and black pepper~

Linguine Mediterráneo
~linguine pasta with prawns, courgettes, tomatoes in creamy sauce~

~Cultos most famous pizza – Mild spicy Italian salami, Nduja(hot ground sausage imported from Calabria), fresh chilli, ham~

Petto di pollo alla griglia
~Charcoal grilled chicken breast marinated for 24h with extra
virgin olive oil, capers, garlic and chilli~

Best Italian Leeds
Culto – Italian



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