Top Ten Travel Must Haves for Family Travel

I have compiled my top ten family travel ‘must haves’ for beach holidays with school age children.  Not only that, I have colour co-ordinated them in a lovely soft pink.  Because, well, I like pink!  I’ve collated them on a mood board over on Pinterest.

Firstly, if it is going to be hot then a hat is needed.  If you would like to learn how to make this hat (very easy I promise!) then have a look here.

Number two is a towelling robe for when the children have been frolicking in the sea and then come out shivering and complaining of being cold.  This will dry them and warm them up, plus it looks really cute too!

A swimsuit comes in at number three (this list isn’t prioritised it has to be said, more of a brainstorm session).  I love this one, it is so frilly!  Miss H is now seven and will still happily ear something like this, but I realise my days are numbered.

Moving on to number four we find sunglasses.  Not just a fashion statement, proper sunglasses will protect their eyes.  Plus these are sweeeeet!  Mind, they’d probably only last the day before they got lost, but worth a go anyway.

At number five we find a picnic bag.  Is anyone else prone to calling a picnic, a pic-a-nic a la Yogi Bear?  No?  Just me?  Moving on… This one is very pretty and you can pack as many snacks as your children’s hearts will desire.

This very pretty sundress comes in at number six.  I love to see Miss H in a pretty sundress.  Really, I think I am living vicariously through my daughter, at least as far as fashion goes as I would love to be able to wear some of the things I dress her in!


Number seven is really important – beach toys!  This inflatable flamingo is fabulous and just the sort of thing mine love!  I must say though that although they do play with inflatables at the beach, I really prefer them in swimming pools as they are less likely to float out to sea (I feel sorry for Moana’s parents!).


In a similar vein to number seven is a good old fashioned bucket and spade.  Never underestimate the pleasure the two simple items will bring, no matter what the age of the child (or Dad).  (And do you know what?  I couldn’t find a pretty picture of a pink bucket and spade so chose this instead).


At nine we have the beach tent.  This one is super swanky, but you can get great pop up tents that are infinitely more practical for taking to the beach and means they can have a bit of a chill out in the shade too.


Finally at number ten we have the coolbox.  I love a cool box that you can take your own drinks in and save a fortune on the beach.  However, if possible book a holiday where you get waiter service on the beach, because really that’s the best sort of holiday.  If you can’t or won’t do that, content yourself with looking at this picture of a coolbox with a cute puppy, because, you know – puppies!

So that’s it, that is the Yorkshire Wonders entry into the Mark Warner Family Ambassador programme.  We would love to become a Mark Warner Ambassador as it’s such a fabulous company with even more fabulous holidays on offer!