Driving to the York Christmas Festival

As you probably realise, I live just a few miles from York. We are quite rural and my nearest bus stop is three miles away so my car is pretty important to me. I drive a Land Rover as I use farm tracks and it gets very icy up here in winter. The kids love it though as they get snow days off at school! On Monday I visited the Christmas Market in York. I love visiting it and it’s a fab treat as it’s always on over my birthday so I can combine the two!

If you are driving into York for the Christmas Market this year (or for any other reason really) then I would recommend using one of the Park and Rides. There are several at different points around the city and they really make getting into York so easy! The buses all take different routes, so check with the Park and Ride website to see which works best for you. The other massive benefit to using Park and Ride is that it is cheap for adults and kids are free. It is very expensive to park in York which is good for some things as it does encourage people to take the bus and not clog up the city – physically or environmentally!  I recently sorted out new motor insurance for my car with Aviva who have huge offices in York. In fact I even worked there for a while, with a lovely view over the river.

So, anyway, once you have got yourself to the Christmas Market, what will you find? There is all manner of wonderful things from Christmas decorations to gifts. There are lots of lovely cheese and alcohol stalls where you can spend a minute sampling the goods. While you are there, perhaps pop into Thor’s Tipi, the Nordic themed bar for a hot chocolate. They do a great range of gins too, but of course that’s out of the question for those of us driving. Go back to the market and buy a whole bottle to take home for later instead!

This is a collaborative post.