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What to bring on your first 4 berth caravan trip

What to bring on your first 4 berth caravan trip

As a child we had a large, family sized 4 berth caravan  and kept it in the corner of a friend’s field who owned a pub near Hornsea. This was heaven for my parents and as kids we loved it too. There are all sorts of items that will make your caravan holiday more fun. I shall tell you my list – though I realise it might not be the same as everyone else’s but it still might give you some ideas.

Firstly, I always associate a caravan holiday with the seaside, a throwback to my Hornsea pub days I suppose. The things that you need on the beach are very similar to the things you need for sitting outside your caravan. Firstly, a comfortable fold-away chair is an absolute must for me. Next a jolly striped windbreak. This has two purposes, to protect you from the wind (of course!) but also to mark your space around your caravan and to give yourself some privacy.

You might be wanting a digital detox while you are away, but I personally would miss my tablet as I use it to watch TV and read books as well as email.  You can see that Bailey of Bristol had the same idea in this fabulous shot of their Barcelona caravan, you can see a tablet.  Oh and don’t forget chargers!

A 4-berth caravan isn’t huge but as long as you have a small cooking stove you can fry bacon for a sandwich and make a cup of tea, and I really think you can’t ask for more than that!  On an evening a barbecue is a must for me, there is nothing better than sitting with a cheeky glass of wine watching the kids play while Mr Wonders whips up a storm of steaks and burgers on a portable barbecue.  It really is the highlight of my summer and so relaxing!

Finally, I recommend you take extra blankets.  Modern caravans are so much more insulated than they were when I was a child, but I still have a fear of being cold overnight.  Extra blankets make me feel a lot happier and are also great for cooler evenings watching the sun set over the sea!


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