Thor's Tipi Bar York Christmas Market (12)

Now, I have to confess, before this week I had never been to Thor’s Tipi Bar on Parliament Street in York. It’s only there during York’s Christmas Festival and really is a fabulous place to relax and look through the shopping haul you have just purchased at York Christmas Market!  It’s surprisingly large inside.  I am not sure what I was expecting, but not the huge fully staffed bar at the back, nor the really comprehensive drinks menu! 

Before I wax lyrical, take a look at the video I made:

Thor’s Tipi Bar York – Review

As you can see it’s a very popular place!  There are benches and seating all around, with the main focal point being the lovely fire pit in the centre:

Thor's Tipi Bar York Christmas Market (12) Thor's Tipi Bar York Christmas Market (12)

There are also small electric heaters all around Thor’s Tipi to keep everyone else warm (and they were effective!).  My friend’s ordered the pink gin while I, driving as always, opted for the salted caramel hot chocolate.

Thor's Tipi Bar York Christmas Market (12)

On the outside you will find a ‘terrace’ a covered seating area, perfect for sitting and watching the world go by, or for the smokers amongst us.

Thor's Tipi Bar Terrace

Just next to the Terrace, you can find the ‘Scandi Sausages’ booth, run by The Shambles Kitchen.  

Thor's Tipi Bar Scandi Sausages

You can buy from here to eat inside and there were some lovely things.  Here is the menu – although as you can see it was raining the day I visited:

Thor's Tipi Bar Scandi Sausages Menu

We plumped for ‘Thor’s Fries’, which I would order again.  It came with fries, sliced bratwurst, bostongurka (pickled cucumber relish), cheese and crispy onions.  Oh and coriander garnish.  It was all very tasty!  The only downside to topping the fries is that the colder ingredients cool the chips down too quickly.  Lots of interesting flavours though, so definitely give them a go!

Thor's Fries

All in all, a lovely place to have a hot chocolate or something stronger, as well as a spot of unusual lunch.  It’s a real festive treat, I can see it becoming a Christmas tradition!

Thor’s Tipi invited us to visit and review.  As always, all the opinions expressed are my own.

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