Why Campbells Caravans are good for Travelling with kids

We have recently been looking at caravans on the Bailey website featuring Campbells Caravan in Preston.  It’s a whole new world with some simply amazing and modern caravans!  I love the Bailey exclusive Senator range based on the Bailey Phoenix. Campbells also stocks brands such as the Coachman, Elddis and Buccaneer Caravans.

Why Campbells Caravans are good for kids

As a family, I also appreciate being able to take my own food in a caravan. Although I like to eat out too while we are away, it’s nice to have the basics in. There is nothing nicer than the smell of frying bacon on the campsite in the morning. Plus, I can take drinks and snacks for the kids as they are always hungry! I like to plan a week or so ahead and then do an online shop to be delivered on the morning just before we set off. There is always do much to think about and do, this just makes my life so much easier!

Might be other kids on campsite

One of the main things the kids love about our travels is meeting new friends. As caravan sites are great for families, it means there are always lots of other children around to make friends and have adventures with. Lots of sites have playgrounds and thus is a perfect place to bump into other families. The kids always remember the different friends they met on holidays.

Family games, cards, board games

Another huge reason we love to holiday in a caravan from Campbell’s Caravans is that in the evening we have family games nights. The kids love Monopoly, the Game of Life and Cluedo. We have also recently started playing more grown up card games like rummy, which is great for their mathematical skills too!  Master T also loves kids math learning game, which are great for training math skills even while traveling.  As much as they love the actual games, I think it’s more the quality family time they like, as well as having our attention all to themselves.

Put kids to bed and sit outside

Another huge plus to a caravan holiday is that you have much more space than in a hotel room. Even with the tiniest caravan, you can still put the kids to bed on an evening and then go and sit outside with a glass of wine and watch the sun set!  I spent too many evenings when the children were really small sitting in the dark at 7pm hoping they would go to sleep and then being too terrified to put the hotel television on in case it woke them up!

Take the family pet

We don’t have a dog, but I have friends with caravans and motorhomes that love to take their dogs away with them.  It just gives so much more flexibility, the dogs enjoy it, the kids love having the dogs with them and you don’t need to pay for kennels – winner!

Writing all this has made me want to take another caravan holiday soon!