Bar 360 – Spectacular Views over Stoupa, Greece

Bar 360 is a fabulous place in Stoupa and easily missed.  (The door is to the left as you go up the little winding road heading up from Pefko).  We visited at Easter this year and I was entranced by the beautiful views of both the mountains behind and the sea and beach in front.  We visited in the evening to capture these beautiful pictures.  I can imagine that sunset is spectacular up there. Since we visited they have opened the roof terrace above, I’ll revisit when we go back and get more photos.

Bar 360 in Stoupa Bar 360 in Stoupa

Bar 360 in Stoupa

Inside is equally attractive and would be a nice place to have a coffee during the colder months.

I took some menu photos for you (I always like to nosy at these).

Bar 360 in Stoupa

Fortunately Miss H just held up the menu for me – she didn’t read it! 

Bar 360 Menu in Stoupa Bar 360 in Stoupa

And finally a nice shot of my glass of wine – didn’t notice the pug peeking up when I took the photo!

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