Things to do in Tenerife in December

Tenerife is the largest of Spain’s Canary Islands. It is a fascinating, volcanic island that has been sculpted over millions of years by dramatic eruptions, the last being in the early 20th century. It is hugely popular with tourists seeking summer sun but there are also many reasons why Tenerife should be on your winter holiday destination list.

Winter Sun

The sub tropical climate, which offers sunshine throughout the year, is just one of them. In December in Tenerife, the temperature can regularly reach the mid 20°C’s, but most days will have temperatures ranging between 20 – 23°C and offer on average 6 hours of sunshine each day.  


Tenerife is a very popular destination for hikers. Visiting in December provides the perfect hiking conditions. In the summer months it can get so hot that any physical exertion is impossible, or certainly not enjoyable. However in December it is cool enough to enjoy your hikes, but also sunny and bright enough to ensure that you get the best views and experiences on your adventures. 

Tenerife in December

Tourist attractions 

A huge benefit to visiting Tenerife in December is that the glorious winter climate is a well kept secret, and so the popular tourist attractions such as Loro Park and Siam Park are open but much quieter than during peak season, ensuring a much more enjoyable experience. All the fun without the crowds and the queues. 

Tenerife in December

Places to stay 

Tenerife offers a huge variety of different accommodation choices, to suit every taste and every budget. From family hotels with sea views, to glorious glamping sites in the campo, you are guaranteed to find your dream holiday destination. The joy of visiting in December is with everything being much quieter than in peak season, you will find your accommodation choices are cheaper and more likely to be available on your desired dates. 

Tenerife in December

Christmas in Tenerife 

This holiday hot spot truly comes to life during the festive season. The Spanish are famous for enjoying every fiesta to the absolute limit and Christmas is no different. You will find magical sparkly lights, traditional Spanish festivals and incredible musical performances that will leave you enchanted. Most locals will wait until January 6th (Epiphany) or The Three Kings for their main Christmas celebrations. The Three Kings parade through the streets, usually on horse or camel back,  handing out sweets and presents to excited children. However, with an ever increasing number of visitors arriving on the island to enjoy the festivities, along with many European expats, there are also plenty of traditional Christmas activities adopted from around the world to enjoy in Tenerife. In December, almost every town in Tenerife will create their own nativity scene (known as “belén” in Spanish). These scenes are extraordinary in size, design and effort. No detail is over looked in the creation of these remarkable works of art that will make your Christmas in Tenerife special and unforgettable. 

Tenerife in December