18 of the Best Asian Restaurants Leeds

Best Asian Restaurants Leeds – are you fancying an Asian restaurant but can’t quite decide what you fancy?  We have listed some of the best Asian restaurants in Leeds, including Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Dim Sum and Vietnamese.

Mans Market

Unit F, West Point, Wellington St, Leeds LS1 4JJ

Mans Market is a “brand born in a small fishing village in the New Terrorities of Hong Kong. Its development has taken many years through travelling, observation, education and learning the art of cooking Chinese cuisine.

With a theatrical wow entrance based on the Ladies Market in Hong Kong, fun eye catching cocktails and a classic Chinese menu modernised with a new aged twist. Mans Market looks to re-energise Chinese food within an accessible and hip environment in its flag ship Leeds city centre restaurant and bar site, situated in the West Point building opposite the brand new Central Square development. ”

Items from the Dim Sum menu include:

~Firecracker Chicken~
~Satay Chicken~
~Crispy Aromatic Duck Rolls~
~Mushroom, Corn and Bamboo War Tip Dumpling~
~Hot and Sour Soup~

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Oriental City Restaurant

30-36 Cross Stamford Street, Leeds, LS7 1BA

The Oriental City Restaurant was first established in 2007 offering Oriental cuisines in elegant and authentic surroundings.  Oriental City offers an extensive range of choices of dim sum. An idea of what is available on the menu is below.

~Special Crispy Platter  (Sesame Prawn Toast, Spring Rolls, Seaweed, Crispy Won Ton & Spare Ribs)~
~King Prawns in Salt & Chilli ~
~Salt and Pepper Squid ~
~Paper Wrap Prawns ~
~Satay Chicken on Skewers ~
~Pork Dumplings ~
~Sesame Prawn Meat on Toast~

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Issho Japanese Restaurant

Victoria Gate 3rd Floor Rooftop, George St, Leeds LS2 7AU

Issho – “meaning ‘together’ in Japanese – is a contemporary Japanese rooftop restaurant & bar in Leeds’ Victoria Gate. Issho champions dishes that are designed to be shared amongst friends and family.  Enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine whilst sitting at the open kitchen counters.  It is a contemporary Japanese dining destination. Issho is a stylish space, open for lunch, dinner & weekend brunch, serving plenty of favourite Japanese dishes.”

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Issho Japanese Restaurant

Little Tokyo – Asian Restaurant Leeds

24 Central Rd, Leeds LS1 6DE

Little Tokyo – ” A Japanese Restaurant with Yorkshire roots.  Here we aim to bring the unique and delicate tastes of Japan to you, with ingredients and inspiration found in Yorkshire. When you dine with us, you can expect to enjoy a friendly & quick service, alongside a cosy atmosphere that will help you relax whilst you eat and drink the night away with your friends & family. Come Join us on our journey to bring a Little part of Japan, to the heart of Yorkshire. – Little Tokyo.”

Below we tease your taste buds with some examples from the delicious menu available at Little Tokyo.

Dancing Salmon 

~seared salmon avocado roll, topped with Japanese majo and spring onions~

Fish Balls

~home made fish balls deep fried and simmered in soy sauce~

Duck with mango

~roasted duck with real mango pulp~

Charcoal grilled eel teriyaki

~traditional eel meal, flambeed in teriyaki sauce~

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Little Tokyo


Belgrave Hall, Belgrave Street, Leeds

The word Teppanyaki is derived from “Teppan” meaning iron hot plate and “Yaki” which means means to grill or fry.  “Never tried Teppanyaki style cooking? Sit around our teppan hot plates and watch as our chefs skilfully cook your food in front of you, using their theatrical skills, juggling, flipping and with a dash of fire, your meal is prepared for you before your very eyes. A taste of Japan that you will remember. If you enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine, then visit Teppanyaki Japanese Restaurant in Leeds. This restaurant serves delicious food cooked to an incredibly high standard, ensuring that a visit here will not be wasted.” Here are some of the stars of the menu.

~Kansai Beef Vegetables rolled in thinly sliced beef cooked in teriyaki sauce~

~Lobster Tail with ginger and spring onions~

~Teriyaki Chicken Maki – Teriyaki chicken, lettuce and mayo sushi roll~

~Ebi Furai – King Prawn, deep fried in Japanese breadcrumbs~

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Teppanyaki Japanese Restaurant in Leeds

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G – Wu

Stainburn Parade | 300 Harrogate Rd | Leeds | LS17 6LY

G – Wu offer an extensive menu of delicious Chinese cuisine for both eat- in and take-away. The restaurant comprises of  a ground-floor lounge and bar, and a spacious modern upstairs room for larger parties. Below is a small selection of the mouth watering dishes available on the G-Wu menu.


Here’s a list of the delicious variety of chow mein (crispy or soft) noodles to choose from:

~Chow Mein Crispy or Soft Noodles~
~Udon Thick, White Noodles~ 
~Ho Fun Flat, Rice Noodles~ 
~Soup Noodles in Broth, Vegetarian Prawns,Vegetarian Chicken, Mixed Vegetables~

Filet Steak 

You can enjoy your fillet steak with any of the following :

~Ginger and Spring Onions~
~Green Peppers and Black Bean Sauce~
~Onions and Black Pepper~
~OK Sauce~
~Satay Sauce~
~Szechuan Sauce~
~Kung Po Sauce ~
~Hot and Spicy Sauce~

Aromatic Duck

~Crispy Aromatic Duck, served with pancakes, hoi sin sauce and salad~

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G – Wu


Crown Buffet

Gower Street, Leeds , LS2 7PX  

Established in 2007, The Crown Buffet is a family run business well known for bringing the taste of East to the West. Offering an extensive choice of menus and dishes to cater for most tastes the Crown Buffet has  the capability to seat 160 persons at any one time. Below are some of the stars of the menu on offer.

~ Marinated shredded chicken with jelly fish~

~Wine soaked chicken feet ~

~Shell on king prawn with glass noodles in black pepper sauce ~

~ Sizzling fillet steak in Peking sauce~

~Shell on tiger prawns with soy sauce ~

~Cuttle fish cake with vegetables ~

~Sliced ox tripe and tongue in chilli sauce~

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Crown Buffet


Offering a delectable mix of modern and traditional dishes, Tattu is a trendy, Chinese restaurant in the heart of Leeds.  Just a few of the delicious items from the menu are listed below.

Wok Fried Angry Bird ~Chicken, roasted chilli peppers and sesame honey soy~

Iberico Pork  ~Pineapple, banana shallots and dragon fruit~

Thai Style Crispy Monkfish ~ Lime, shallots and lemongrass~

Lobster and Prawn Toast ~Sweet and sour chilli sauce~

Crispy Pork Belly ~ Black vinegar and coriander~

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Bengal Brasserie

The Bengal Brasserie, 5 Merrion Way, Leeds, LS2 8BT

Conveniently located in Leeds city centre, close to Leeds First Direct Arena is where you will find the Bengal Brasserie’s flagship restaurant. The restaurant has been furnished to high standards in a modern and contemporary way, giving a special and authentic feel.

Offering a fully licensed bar, pleasant surroundings and excellent food, the Bengal Brasserie is the perfect choice for a romantic meal, an enjoyable evening out with the family or  if you are simply seeking great “award winning” food in a friendly and comfortable environment. Some of the stars of the menu are listed below.

Liver Tikka 
~Chicken liver marinated in selected herbs and spices served with a fresh green salad~

Prawn ChotPati 
~King prawns marinated in herbs, spices, battered and deep fried~

Sylheti (hot)
~A unique Bengali dish from the province of Sylhet, made from the finest ingredients and flavoured with fresh green chillies, cloves, cumin seeds, black pepper and garnished with coriander and spring onions~

King Prawn Nawabi 
~Whole king prawns marinated with special herbs and spices tenderly
cooked and garnished with salad and served on a plate with pilau rice~

Lamb Chop Laziz 
~This is one of the royal traditional dishes of Bengal – Lamb chop
marinated and cooked with chef’s secret combination of herbs and
spices, a special treat to please yourself. Served with pilau rice
and fresh green salad~

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Bengal Brasserie


De Baga

9 Otley Rd, Headingley, Leeds LS6 3AA,

All about the popular Leeds restaurant, De Baga.  “Elegant and nostalgic, DE BAGA is one of the best fine-casual dining restaurants in Headingley, Leeds with lively atmosphere and attentive service. When it comes to food, our specialty is the traditional Goan cuisine with a modern interpretation – Celebrating the “East Meets West” spirit of GOA. DE BAGA captures the British spirit of adventure about food, an appreciation of the freshest seasonal ingredients and a desire to reinterpret familiar dishes with unexpected twists. Our food is for people who care about what they eat. We welcome you to the journey of healthy & innovative food!”

Here are some of the stars from the menu at De Baga.

Dal Bukhara

~It is velvety smooth Dal. Whether its dal makhani or dal Bukhara they are classics 20th century Indian culinary curries. Dal bukhara is slow cooked black lentils, kidney beans simmered in a tomato base sauce for hours~

Gazab Ka Keema

~parsi spiced minced lamb cooked with egg yolk. The joy of mopping the plate with the minced lamb gravy and the runny eggs is seconds to none~

Makan Wale Ke Murgi

~Chargrilled chicken tossed in honey tomato rich sauce and braised fenugreek leaves~

Konkani Seafood Curry

~A classic dish in Konkani cuisine. Coastal fish curry with tender coconut, kokum, and curry leaves. Flavoured with sichuan pepper~
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De Baga


12-14 Bank St, LS22 6NQ

Mango is an award-winning Indian vegetarian restaurant. Mango deliver fresh, home-cooked food with little modern twists from the kitchen. Our ethos is simple: ‘We’ll serve you what we would eat at home.’ All of our dishes have been tried and tested in the Sonigra household for generations and with over 20 people in the family, that’s no mean feat! The Sonigra family originate from the west Indian state of Gujarat, where over 50% of the general public practise vegetarianism as part of the predominant religion, Hinduism. This way of life has been instilled in this region for centuries. Gujarati food has evolved and adapted to create dishes revolving around seasonal, local produce and complimentary spicing; a technique observed in Mango. Every dish we serve is a unique recipe, complete in its own right and homage to whichever lentil or vegetable is within it.”

~black lentil and cracked pepper papaddom, served with sweet mango and cardamom chutney~

Mysore masala dosa 
~savoury crêpe made of fermented rice and lentils,
filled with a mixed vegetable curry and a garlic and chilli paste – can be made vegan ~

Tarka daal 
~five lentil daal flavoured with traditional aromatic spices, garlic and ginger~

Ragda Pettis 
~spiced, crushed potato rounds in a white pea and tomato curry sauce, topped with date and tamarind chutney, seasoned gram vermicelli, red onion, pomegranates and coriander~

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Bun Mese

77A Great George St, Leeds LS1 3BR

Bun Mese is a lively and popular Vietnamese Restaurant in Leeds. The fresh and healthy menu offers something tasty to suit everyone. Some options from the menu can be seen below.

~pork and prawn rice paper roll~

~roast duck papaya salad~

~crackling pork viet baguette~

~beef viet noodle soup~

Asian Restaurants Leeds
Bun Mese

Viet Guy

159 Lower Briggate, Leeds. LS1 6LY

Viet Guy has been established since 2016 and is a family run Vietnamese restaurant. Their food, like the traditional Vietnamese food is healthy, fresh, vibrant and yet still full of flavour.

To give you an idea of what is on offer afew of the stars of the menu are listed below.


~Crispy spring rolls filled with mushrooms, carrots, onions and glass noodles. Served with lettuce, mint, coriander and Vietnamese dipping sauce~


~Shredded green Papaya, mango, carrots and mixed herbs~


~broth is made from beef & chicken bones which have been left to simmer for at least 6 hours. Served with linguine rice noodles and garnished with fresh herbs and beansprouts~



Banh and Mee

Westminster Buildings, 31 New York St, Leeds LS2 7DT

At Banh and Mee you can enjoy authentic Vietnamese Street Food in a trendy and vibrant setting. Below are some of the delicious items on offer from the menu.


~2 X Vegan bao’s Salt and pepper tofu Salt and pepper chips Sweet chilli sauce~


~Accompanied with side salad, house pickles and sriracha sauce on the side~


~Crispy baguette filled with house pickles, fresh herbs, mayo and cucumber. With a side of sriracha sauce~
Asian Restaurants Leeds
Banh and Mee

Pho Vietnamese Restaurant Leeds

Trinity Kitchen, 27 Albion St, Leeds LS1 5AT

Pho is a family-run business serving great value, healthy Vietnamese street food that is cooked fresh daily.


~Tender fried baby squid with a salt, pepper & lime dip~


~Savoury Vietnamese crispy crepe with rice papers & herbs~

Wok fried noodles 

~wok-fried flat rice noodles with lemongrass, chilli and Asian greens.
Served with peanuts & nước chấm. vg dish served with nước chấm chay~

Crab noodle soup 

~a Hanoi classic; vermicelli noodles in a rich tomato & crab broth with wafer thin steak & tofu, topped with fried shallots~

Banana blossom salad 

~fragrant banana blossom salad with tender beef, peanuts & star fruit~

Asian Restaurants Leeds
Pho Vietnamese

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Choessi Ajeossi Korean Restaurant

6A Great George St, Leeds LS1 3DW

At Choessi Ajeossi Korean Restaurant they are very proud of the delicious and authentic Korean fayre that they serve.” Our menus are specially curated to offer a unique experience and taste of South Korean cuisine. We use combination of local and imported ingredients to provide the most authentic flavours and textures for your tastebuds. Our chefs are well-trained and committed to serve the most divine South Korean food you’ll have in Leeds….”

Just a few of the delightful dishes on offer are shown below.

Honey Fried Chicken

~Honey & Mustard Crispy Fried Chicken 蜂蜜芥末脆皮炸鸡~

Haemul Pajeon 해물파전 海鲜煎饼

~Korean Style Seafood Pancake~

~Korean Traditional Rice Roll with Yellow Preserved Radish, Cucumber, Fried Egg, Carrot, Crabsticks, Ham~


~Vegetarian. Chinese Style Grilled Naengmyeon in Sweet & Chilli Garlic Sauce, Contains Onions and Egg~


Jokbal 족발 猪脚

~Braised Pig’s Trotters Served with Lettuce~

korean restaurant leeds
Choessi Ajeossi Korean Restaurant

Bulgogi Grill – Korean Table BBQ

The Arena Quarter, 9 Merrion Way, Leeds LS2 8BT

Bulgogi Grill offers an exciting and authentic Korean Table BBQ experience, right in the heart of Leeds!  “Our excellent quality, locally sourced meats and seafood are cooked on your table-top grill after being marinated in traditional and specially selected Korean seasonings and sauces. Along with Korean and Asian influenced side dishes, beers, and cocktails, Bulgogi Grill creates a unique and exciting culinary experience.”

At the Bulgogi Grill you choose form one of the mouth watering, generous set menu options. Some of the items included are below.


~Vegetable Mandu Dumplings~

~Kimbap – Korean Sushi~

Seogogi Bulgogi

~Bulgogi beef in signature marinade~


~marinated prawn~


~squid brushed with Korean soy sauce~

Korean Table BBQ Leeds
Bulgogi Grill – Korean Table BBQ


331 Roundhay Road, Leeds, LS8 4HT

Yokohama is a contemporary Korean and Japanese Restaurant conveniently located  in the centre of Leeds, serving both authentic Korean and Japanese food.  “Our food is all freshly prepared in-house to order, using the best quality ingredients from local suppliers. With over 100 dishes to choose from, including sushi, sushi rolls, sashimi, grilled food, tempura and last but not least rice and noodles.”

Spicy Seafood Ramen

~spicy ramen noodle soup with seafood and vegetables~

Seabass Teriaki

~grilled seabass fillet with teriaki~

Yaki Gyoza

~deep fried dumplings with chicken and vegetables~

Dolsot Bibimbab

~mixed vegetables with beef in a stone bowl~

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