VonShef Airfryer Review – Is it any good?

I’ve had a Tefal Airfryer for many years and have always loved it.  The lid recently broke so I set around looking to replace it.  When I was offered a VonShef Airfryer from Domu to review, I said yes straight away.  I was curious as it’s a very different shape to the Tefal.  It has a huge capacity at 5L.  We have been trying it for a couple of weeks now and have tried all sorts of things in it from chips and roast potatoes to a full roast chicken.  It’s very efficient and does the job perfectly.  Have a look at this great article on other air fryer reviews.

I have used a stock photo to show the whole machine as I can’t do it without reflections!

The pan where you put the food has lots of drainage holes in that drains to the holding pan at the bottom.  This way any excess fat is drained away and the food is cooked by the hot air roasting it rather than frying in the oil.  If you are cutting down calories it is perfect for making chips with a few squirts of Fry Light.  

VonShef Airfryer Review

You can see from my photo that you can adjust the temperature of the Vonshef airfryer from below 80 to 200.  You can also set the timer.  It will only work if both dials are set – and when the timer has finished it gives a loud alarm.

VonShef Airfryer Review

The above is a photo of the food pan.  The golden button allows you to take the two pans apart – both parts will go in the dishwasher.  The clear plastic guard stops you pressing the button accidentally when you are cooking.  As I mentioned, we have cooked lots of different things in it from roast potatoes to chicken Kiev.  It does a good job with breadcrumbed items, leaving them nice and crispy.  Here I am cooking sausages:

VonShef 5L Airfryer Review

and the finished result is lovely browned sausages with any excess fat drained below.

VonShef Airfryer Review

As the Vonshef airfryer has such a large capacity it’s perfect for families, but is quite bulky for storage.  It’s attractive looking though so has sat quite happily on my counter since we received it.  It’s a great addition to the kitchen and has been used a lot!  We have recently tried Hello Fresh and this has been a great addition to our home.


We were sent the Vonshef Airfryer for the purposes of this review, as always all opinions expressed are my own.