Keeping Your House Light This Winter

When winter sets in, often the days get darker for longer. Whether it’s the nights coming sooner, morning light arriving later, or the daylight being blocked out by greying skies, people can often feel as if they’re in mourning for the summer and autumn weather that has been and gone by. After all, the winter blues are a very real thing, so it’s important to let the light in to raise your spirits!

You need to choose the right house to make your soul happy, like the ones on this page.  Here’s how to keep where you live light this winter.


Cost effective and simple to maintain, a few candles are both convenient and cosy when in use. They work especially well for Christmas time too, creating an environment that’s perfectly snug against the chilly weather or raging blizzards outside. Invest in a handful of candles, and you’ll be saving money as well as keeping your house lit.

Remember, energy bills can start racking up through winter. Lights and heating stay on for longer, but you can merge the two somewhat together with a couple of candles! If scented candles are intriguing to you too, you could invest in those and give your home a wintery aroma to add a new dynamic to the space. If nothing else, it’s cheap and easy mood lighting.

Fired Earth Darjeeling and Damask

Fairy Lights

Another cost-effective option, fair lights are easy to come by and can light up an area in true style. You can stretch them out along the walls, wrap them around picture and window frames, or drape them across bookshelves and headboards. Put simply, you can get creative with them, and they’ll light up the space in a way that isn’t as searing as say, the main lights in your living room.

Once again, here you’d be dealing with the cosy factor of this kind of lighting. They’ll typically emit a dim glow that doesn’t cause headaches or give every corner of the room a yellow or orange hue. They’re less intrusive and more nuanced as far as lighting goes, so definitely consider picking some up!


Venetian Blinds

While roller blinds will shut out the light entirely, not every blind completely renders a room dark. After all, venetian blinds can be adjusted to control just how much light enters any given room at a time. Whether things are too bright or too dark during the day, they can be tweaked to secure that perfect amount of lighting. If that seems appealing to you, you can click here to purchase your own venetian blinds.

It’s the level of flexibility that’s the selling point here, as well as the chic and modern aesthetic these kinds of blinds bring. They’re easy to use and not as clunky or brash as some heavy and extravagant curtain, but more subtle and understated, making them perfect for a modern home or flat.

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