Have a look at The VIP Room at Cineworld York!

Have a look at The VIP Room at Cineworld York – Last night I went along to a press preview of the VIP room at the brand new Cineworld Cinema in York.  It was a miserable dark and wet night but I braved it as I have been looking forward to seeing the new cinema since it was first mentioned a few years ago.   I put a quick video together so you can have a look!

Cineworld itself is very modern and shiny!  I have taken lots of photos for you.  When you enter the building there is a Starbucks to your right.  Then immediately in front there is a huge escalator (there are lifts too of course for accessibility).

VIP Room at Cineworld York Review

Once you have glided up the elevator you are into the concession area where you can buy tickets and snacks (you won’t need snacks if you are in the VIP section, but I’ll go into that in detail!).

VIP Room at Cineworld York Review

VIP Room at Cineworld York Review

From there, we walked through the corridor leading to the screens (I say corridor, it’s more of a lounge!).

What food is included in the VIP Room at Cineworld York?

The VIP room is at the far end, it’s a large restaurant style lounge with an all-you-can-eat buffet of pizza (cheese and pepperoni) and garlic bread. 

The VIP Room at Cineworld York Review - What food is included?

There was also soup, chilli, macaroni cheese and a potato dish as well as salads.

VIP Room at Cineworld York Review - What food is included?

Finally there was orange and apple juice, hot drinks, soft drinks and fabulous cakes!

VIP Room at Cineworld York Review - What food is included?

All the food is included in the ticket price and you can return to the buffet as often as you like.

As well as the main food area there is a Cinema snacks area that you encouraged to then take into the cinema.  There are nachos.  You can help yourself to toppings like hot melted cheese, jalapenos and salsa.

VIP Room at Cineworld York Review - What food is included?

Hot Dogs.

And sweet or salted popcorn.

There is also a soft drinks machine.

Again, all of the cinema snacks are complimentary.  If you decide that mid-film you need extra nachos, it’s absolutely fine to come out and help yourself to more!

There is a bar in the VIP room but unlike everything else, this is payable.

The VIP Room at Cineworld York

You can enter the VIP lounge 45 minutes before your film begins so there is plenty of time to relax and fill your boots with all the goodies on offer.  Your VIP experience does not stop there though, it continues in the screen itself.  The screen only holds 40 so is a nice intimate space, but what makes it VIP are the huge reclining seats!

Each seat has it’s own table and cup-holder.
Reclining seats in the VIP screen in Cineworld York

The recline is electronic and you can recline as much or as little as you like.  You can see on this photo that the seat back also reclines.  There is enough space that your reclining does not get in anyone else’s way and the pitch of the screen means an always perfect view of the film!  The cost of the VIP ticket is £32.75, which would be a lot if it were just the screen (and the fabulous recliner) but it includes a meal and drinks beforehand and snacks and drinks during.  

The VIP room makes a great place for a date night or a girl’s weekend  in York.



We were invited along to the press opening of the cinema, as always all opinions expressed are my own.