Why Choose The Twin Seat on a British Airways Flight?

We recently travelled to Abu Dhabi on a Boeing 787, and tried out their twin seat.  I am going to discuss the seat and I also took photographs of the meal we were served in case you might be interested in that too.

The general configuration on the 787 is 3 – 3 – 3 in economy (World Traveller class), but, at the very back of the plane, there is a single row of 2 – 3 – 2 seats. These seats are perfect if you are travelling as a couple or parent and child and don’t want to sit next to anyone else. You can stay in your own little bubble.

Twin Seat on British Airways Boeing 787

The seats are aligned with the aisle and middle seats of the other rows, which gives a big gap between the seat nearest the window and the actual window. The negative of this is that you can’t sleep against the window, but the positive is that it feels more roomy and there is room to stretch your legs out to the side. It would be nice if the armrest nearest the window lifted but it didn’t. The middle armrest lifts though giving a bit more wiggle room between you.

Why Choose The Twin Seat on a British Airways Flight?

Another bonus of the twin seats is that, being on the last row, you can recline without feeling guilty, and they do fully recline (not fully as in flat bed you understand – fully as in, as far as the other seats do!).

All seats get a blanket and a pillow.

Ours was perhaps an older plane though, as the headphones were the earbuds type that plugged into the armrest (they dig into your thigh!). 


In the seat in front there is a USB port for charging your phone.

Not specifically twin seat related, but I have to say I enjoyed the food, and service was quick and friendly. Our flight was at 10.25pm, so we flew overnight, with a (very) late dinner and an early breakfast. I chose Chicken Machbous, which was a chicken and rice dish and was genuinely very tasty with decent chunks of chicken.

This was served with a bread roll, cheese and biscuits, and a lovely chocolate pot.

Oh and this, which (in the dimmed lights) I thought was apple crumble, but was (I think!) cous cous, which came as a tastebud surprise!


The staff were all very friendly and very efficient. Couldn’t fault them!


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