Treetop Nets – a Unique and Exhilarating Day Out!


That’s the word that sums up Treetop Nets, Yorkshire near Lightwater Valley. Our day began with a friendly safety talk by Nicola, one of the Treetop Nets team. She gave us the low down on net etiquette (not the www kind!). When we had been instructed (basically – be considerate of others and don’t be an idiot) our session began.

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Note: Miss H took her ‘poop emoji’ cushion in with her to the surprise of several other parents whilst we were there.  The joys of parenting!

Blue and green nets are strung high up in the trees, and are surprisingly beautiful. More importantly it is the most amazing fun for the children! Huge bouncy trampoline areas accessed by a series of net tunnels, ladders and slides.

Different Zones

There are several zones within the course. The first area you come to is the under sevens. It’s a quieter, less boisterous area with a slide down from it, and a great place for them to build confidence. Under sevens can use all of the course, and are not restricted to just the under sevens area.

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There are several slides for which you need to collect a white bag to sit in (think old fashioned helter skelter here). They help you slide faster and help prevent friction burns. Long sleeves are recommended for this reason. Hubby thought he’d be fine and burnt both his elbows on his first go, but was a lot more careful after that!

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What’s the best bit? Treetop Nets, Yorkshire

The hub of the course and the most exuberant area is filled with huge exercise balls. There were three members of staff present fielding and referring a chaotic game of football. Master T was inevitably drawn to this area, and loved the excitement of it.

From above:

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From below:

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The very highest point is the crow’s nest. It really is extremely high and although still very safe it was the one place you felt a little anxious at the height.

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Miss H (age 6) scampered up like a mountain goat.  The below picture is very deceiving  – the bottom of these steps is actually already 12 meters from the ground!

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Children under seven need to be supervised by an adult, while those over seven can be supervised from the ground. There are plenty of seats and picnic benches for the non-climbers. Treetop Nets even provide WiFi for you so you can upload your treetop photos to Facebook.

What is there to eat?

There is a small cafe selling drinks and snacks as well as several vending machines. Rehydrating is encouraged by the free water fountain near the cafe. Very handy for thirsty kids, and saves buying endless drinks for them.

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Treetop Nets, Yorkshire is a really different, exciting and memorable day out for the children. I feel that it encourages bravery and trepidation in a safe environment. I was a little worried that my two would be a bit scared, but they just took to it and had a fantastic, high octane time!

Website and Prices

Treetop Nets Yorkshire

Children 3-4 years
Children 5+ years
Adults supervising children under 7
Treetop Nets kindly invited us to visit to review. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.
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