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New! Skelf Island At Castle Howard – Magical Adventure Playground

New! Skelf Island At Castle Howard – Magical Adventure Playground

Skelf Island At Castle Howard, Magical Adventure Playground – Ooh, now how good does this look?  This was top secret until this week and it opens next month!  Castle Howard has a brilliant adventure playground anyway so this is just the icing on the cake!  I don’t know everything yet – but this is what I know:

Skelf Island At Castle Howard

A secret island. Across the dormant waters of Castle Howard’s Great Lake. This is where the Skelves live.

In the forgotten kingdom of Henderskelfe, North Yorkshire, there’s an adventure like no other waiting to be discovered. They’ve been here, living up in the tree canopies and below amongst the reeds, for centuries. They keep themselves to themselves. Away from the humans who inhabit the Castle and it’s gardens.

Otherworldly. The skelves are in sync with the forest, they protect the wildlife, they feel the seasons change and they work together to keep the secrets of the natural world safe.

The Skelves are Mischievous. The Skelves are Adventurous. The Skelves have become inquisitive.

They invite you to venture over the water – July 2019.  Find out more on the Skelf Island website.

Skelf Island At Castle Howard - Skelves

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