Skelf Island At Castle Howard – Review and Video

Skelf Island At Castle Howard, Magical Adventure Playground –  We are big Castle Howard fans and it already has a brilliant adventure playground so this is just the icing on the cake!  We visited and have created a video so you can see what it’s like.

Skelf Island is accessed one of two ways, both from the site of the existing adventure playground next to the Boat House cafe.  You can cross the regular bridge or you can be very brave and cross the high rope bridge.

It was a little too high for me so I chose the regular bridge, Miss H and her friend were much more adventurous though!

Skelf Island Castle Howard

Once over to the island there are lots of picnic benches to set out your stall on.  If you can’t get a table here, there are also lots more around the main playground and Boat House cafe.  Skelf Island is made up of lots of climbing places, rope bridges, slides and a zip line.

Skelf Island Castle Howard

Skelf Island At Castle Howard

Adventure Playground Castle Howard

There really is lots to keep them entertained in Skelf Island, but the existing adventure playground is still there too and that was already very good.

adventure playgound Caslte Howard

Castle Howard Adventure Playground

Next to both playgrounds there is the Boat House cafe which serves sandwiches, baked potatoes and toasties as well as tea and coffee.  We visited in the summer when there was also an ice cream stall and wood fired pizza being served at a very reasonable £8 (enough to share between two, unless you are Mr Wonders and then it’s a snack).

food offering at Castle Howard

The land train runs every twenty minutes in the summer down to Skelf Island and also stops at the house.

Land train at Castle Howard

For more information about Castle Howard, you can also read my reviews of Castle Howard with kids or Castle Howard at Christmas.


Castle Howard invited us to attend and review, but as always, all opinions expressed are my own.

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