Flying Tiger Open a New Shop in York – Review

Flying Tiger, York – Have you been to the new Flying Tiger shop at the bottom of Coppergate yet?  It’s on the same side as the Jorvik Centre to the right of Fenwick’s.  Oh my goodness, if you have kids you absolutely must!  (Maybe go on your own the first time though as they will want everything in the shop!).  It has the attraction of Smiggle for them but with the prices of Ikea.  I loved it, genuinely, it’s completely up my street.

Flying Tiger, York

Anyway, you will get a feel for it if you browse my pictures. I made sure to include as many prices as possible.

Flying Tiger, York

Flying Tiger York

It’s an absolutely perfect place to pick up stocking fillers for the kids. These pink dragon money boxes for £4 are pot and not plastic.

Flying Tiger, York

As well as lots of things the kids will love, there is a great selection of Christmas paraphernalia.

You know how some people love stationery? Well I have a thing for haberdashery; ribbons, felt, cute buttons you name it. So you can imagine my delight at this display of Christmas ribbons. (Yes, it’s fine, I know I am a bit odd!). There are more Christmas fripperies behind the tills too, so keep an eye out while you are paying.

Flying Tiger, York

If you visit over the next few weeks there is part of the York Christmas Market in Coppergate too.  Oh, and while we are talking stationery lovers, there is a section for them:


A large candle section:

And to finish off my review, a few other photos!

It’s a bright, colourful and fun shop, with something for everyone at bargain prices.  I think it might be my new favourite!


Flying Tiger invited me to visit and review. As always, all the opinions expressed are my own.



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