Segway Woodland Tour at The Camp Hill Estate, Yorkshire

Have you ever had that moment where you think you have made a terrible, terrible mistake? That was me after booking a segway woodland tour at The Camp Hill Estate for the four of us. The instructor was very knowledgeable and friendly as he told us how to use the segways but warned us not to be too confident initially as that’s when accidents can happen. I was not concerned at all about the children being over confident, looking at their faces it was clear they wanted nothing to do with the segways at all, and if they could head back to our glamping pod at Camp Katur that very minute, then they would! The instructor was calm and patient though and in turn got each of us (even me!) riding around the car park stopping and turning.

Segways on the Camp Hill Estate

Segway Experience at The Camp Hill Estate

The experience reminded me of riding a horse for the first time. It was as if the segway was a large skittish animal that could throw you off and bolt at a moment’s notice (though it never did!). If you have never ridden a segway before, there is something instinctual about it once you have the knack. You lean forwards to place your weight over your toes to go forward and lean back with your weight over your heels to slow and stop. The ‘handlebar’ is really just for steering right or left.

Segways on the Camp Hill Estate

The children picked it up remarkably quickly, and once we were comfortable tootling around the car park, we left the relative ease of the tarmac and followed the instructor into a nearby field. We practised a little more here, going up and down gentle slopes, before finally heading towards the woods. I worried constantly about the children, were they hating it but too polite to say anything?

Segways on the Camp Hill Estate

Through the woods we swooped, with a sensation almost like flying. I imagine to the instructor the pace felt very slow, but to me it was exhilarating! We headed over bumpy fields, down tracks and through more woods before eventually heading back to the starting point. I have to say that as exciting as it was, I am not the fittest person on the planet (possible understatement!), and I was squarely shattered by the end and ready to be back on terra firma. Hubby and the kids though? They LOVED it. They have talked of it every day since, asking when they can do it again. It’s now become their favourite thing ever! If you get chance then absolutely do it and don’t chicken out like I almost did!

Segways on the Camp Hill Estate

I just wish I had more pictures of the beautiful woodland we zipped through, but quite frankly, I was too busy holding on for dear life at that point!

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The Camp Hill Estate invited us to ride and review the Segway experience. As always all opinions expressed are my own.

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