5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Staycation

You don’t always have to go abroad to have a once in a lifetime holiday. The UK has plenty of great places for you to stay and enjoy yourself without splurging for a trip abroad. Here are some of the top reasons we think your passport can keep safely tucked away in its drawer as you stay in the UK!  The main thing is to get the most out of your staycation.

The Weather

We aren’t known for good weather here in Blighty but that doesn’t stop us from turning out in droves to catch that elusive bit of sun. After 2018’s incredible six weeks of warmth, it has been predicted that 2019 will be hotter still. There is no need to head for Spain or Turkey this year, you can expect the same sort of weather to happen right outside your front door. Even if it turns foul, there are plenty of indoor swimming pools and other fun activities which will keep everyone well-entertained for hours upon hours.

It’s More Cost-Effective

Even the best all-inclusive deals abroad can rack up costs when you begin to think. You may have to pay for flights or transfers, you may have a car to hire, you may have to pay for someone to look after your pets. A staycation helps to rid you of all of these costs. You can take your own car, find a place that will accept pets so you can bring your beloved pooch, and it means that you will have some leftover money in the bank!

Even if you did need to fly, it can still be very cost-effective. Parking at Bristol Airport can be pre-booked at https://www.bristolparking.com/ completely hassle-free. Reserve your space, turn up and hand over the car to a qualified driver, and your vehicle will be returned to you when you get back! This can be a much easier and cheaper option than trying to take a taxi to the airport or organise alternative transportation!


Britain has a wealth of heritage and culture which is waiting for you to discover. All you need for an entertaining afternoon out is there and you just need to step out your door and find it. Battlefields, castles, and more all await you! It can be a great way to spend some time with your children and potentially spark a life-long love of history and culture.

It doesn’t even have to be that expensive. While you need to pay to get into National Trust and Historic England properties, there are many coupons and tips and tricks to help you squeeze the cost down. For example, a year’s membership to the National Trust is only £120 for a family pass. This will get two adults and their children into any National Trust properties for free, parking included. If you have little ones who adore visiting castles and palaces, you could potentially save enough to pay for the membership several times over.

Packing is No Problem

It always seems like half the problem of going away abroad is that you need to pack everything but the kitchen sink into a series of suitcases which you remember as being much bigger. If you go on a staycation, that is no problem, all you will need is a duffel bag (and your car!)

Chances are you will be taking your own car which means you can pack it to the brim with as many toys, pushchairs, travel cots, and clothes as you want! While you still have to gather everything together, there is definitely less stress and less chance of things getting lost in transit. If you are someone who always loses a bag, consider a staycation and enjoy having all your belongings with you for once.

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It Can Be Last Minute

A staycation can be organised in a matter of minutes if need be. All you have to do is book somewhere and then jump in the car and be off. With a holiday abroad, there is always that worry that someone’s passport is going to be out of date or someone else can’t make a certain flight.

Staying in the UK has none of that. Booking a few cheeky nights away in an Airbnb cottage in a sleepy seaside village might be exactly the sort of rest and relaxation your family needs. Stop looking at those all-inclusive deals which will put you in a resort with one hundred other families and consider gifting yourself a little more rest and relaxation.

2019 is going to be a great year for anyone who wants to stay in the UK. There are always new places to go and new experiences to be had. If you are looking for the perfect summer holiday for you and your loved ones, consider pulling your gaze back from your favourite international destinations and have a think about staying a little closer to home. You may be surprised by how much you enjoy yourself.

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