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Winter Holidays: How Much do they Really Cost?

Winter Holidays: How Much do they Really Cost?

Are you thinking of going away during the winter months? If so, how much are you expecting to spend on your holiday? The amount that you pay will largely depend upon the type of getaway you have in mind and where you’re travelling to.

If you are seeking sun-filled beaches, such as those to be found on the Canary Islands, then you can generally expect to pay slightly less than if you were to travel there in the summer months. This is primarily because, while the weather is still warm at this time, it’s not as scorching as the heat to be found there in July and August.  

Should you be hankering after powdery slopes, however, there are lots of financial factors to consider before making your booking. Check out this guide before you begin pricing up salopettes and browsing ski pants.

Getting There

With the average cost of return journeys to Canada starting at around £400, it may be that your finances can’t quite stretch to flying to Whistler. Therefore, it’s worth researching prices for resorts that are a little closer to home.  What about considering a winter backpacking holiday around Europe?

Flights to the Alps frequently come in at the £100 mark for the savvy shopper. Booking early is advisable as airlines tend to bump up the prices as popular flight dates get closer.

Similarly, transfers from the airport to your accommodation can add to the bill. Try to book a package where you are sharing the transfer costs with others, for example opt for a minibus as there may be deals to be had.

Shop for Your Stay

There are more accommodation options than ever, meaning you can shop around for the price that suits you. As well as choosing self-catering – in which case, it’s worth researching the cost of eating locally on your budget – you can also compare the price of cabins versus hotel rooms and private rentals.

If you’re thinking of holidaying in the Alps, there are plenty of hotels that offer rooms for a week from as little as £200, but if you have your heart set on a rustic log cabin, the cost goes up to the £800 mark.

Added Extras

As well as flights and accommodation, you will need to work out the costs for the added extras to ensure you aren’t met with any surprise payments during your holiday. These include ski rental, which covers the skis and ski boots. If you’re new to skiing, going for the cheaper option in this instance makes sense.

Also look out for lift pass prices, which can be expensive at around £200 for a six-day pass per person, plus lessons, which can be cost-effective if you work out how long you want to spend on the slopes under instruction.

While winter holidays to ski resorts involve more expense and research than other types of holiday, once you get the hang of flying down a snow-covered mountain, you’ll see why it’s worth it.

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