Kilnsey Park Estate in the Yorkshire Dales – Review

Kilnsey Park Estate in the Yorkshire Dales – We recently visited the beautiful Yorkshire Dales and stayed in Sikes Laithe cottage on the Kilnsey Estate near Kilnsey Crag.  While we were there we visited Kilnsey Park itself. There, you can join in the family fishing sessions to catch (and take home to cook) trout. Miss H loves fishing, but when we have been with her Grandad we have always put the fish back, and she was being a little squeamish so we didn’t fish on this occasion.


The Yorkshire Dales is famous for it’s fabulous food, like cheeses in Wensleydale and butchers like Swaledale who provide exceptional, native breed, grass-fed meat from animals slow grown on small, sustainable farms on the Yorkshire Dales.


The Yorkshire Dales is one of the best UK National Parks and is stunning as you can see.  There are lots of fabulous days out in North Yorkshire to explore.


At Kilnsey there are also farm animals to meet such as these fabulous free range chickens that Miss H was desperate to pet.

Or these pigs all cosy in their pen (they were very stinky!).

Kilnsey Park Estate. Yorkshire D

There were goats that clearly liked to climb!

Kilnsey Park Estate. Yorkshire D

Kilnsey Park Estate in the Yorkshire Dales

We stayed in Sikes Laithe, the holiday cottage on the estate.  I will be reviewing that shortly, but wanted to mention that you get a great view of it from the animals area on the Kilnsey Park Estate.

Sikes Laithe at Kilnsey Park Estate

Once you have met all the animals, you can wander up the trail to see the bee house before letting the kids play on the swing and seesaw.

(I think he should have let his sister get on first!)

Keep an eye out for woolly mammoths…(and the reason they are there!)

The trail goes further up the hill, following the stream.

I think Miss H looks very ‘Little House on the Prairie’ in this photo!

Once the kids are tired out, head to the cafe for a refreshing cup of tea and a slice of cake!  There’s a lovely gift shop in the same place too.

Kilnsey Park is a lovely day out in the Yorkshire Dales.  Do check their website for special events too.

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